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Welcome to the Teachit team of contributors!  At this very moment Teachit's libraries contain thousands of tried and tested, classroom-ready resources for you to choose from.  The best thing is that they’ve all been contributed by an amazing group of English, Drama and Media Studies teachers like you.

Meet the team

Each term we’ll introduce you to another of our wonderful contributors. If you want to meet the full team, click here


Introducing ...

Lee BrownHemant Doshi 

I've been been teaching secondary English for about seven years and am an enthusiastic designer of lesson resources, especially those that aid textual analysis and creative writing. I've been contributing resources to Teachit since 2012. 

My published resources include:

Detective work 
A series of prompts encouraging students to look for information in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time.
KS4 >Prose>The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Who's Afraid of Grandma Wolf?
A quotation-hunting exercise based on Private Peaceful. 
KS3 > Prose > Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

Teachit resources I particularly like

Sequel is a creative writing task in which students write a sequel to My Sword Hand is Singing, having reached the end of the story.  

Steinbeck's use of darkness and light is a really great resource focusing on imagery in Of Mice and Men

Things I like about being a contributor

I enjoy designing and producing resources for the English classroom and if I can share these with others, then great! There is a phenomenal bank of teaching ideas on the Teachit website and it is great to be able to contribute.

Interested in joining the team?

Email contribute@teachit.co.uk to find out more about our application process, or visit the Share resources page.

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Name Date of first contribution School
Erica Acosta 03/02/2012 Bilingual Kids
Penny Acton 18/11/2005 Medina High School
judy adams 25/11/2013 BAES
Victoria Adams 21/07/2006 St Mary's Convent School
Dariush Alavi 25/10/2002 
Katy-Jane Amos 11/06/2003 St Gregory The Great RC Secondary
Laura Anderson 27/02/2006 
Nathalie Anderson 01/05/2001 Haydon Bridge High School, Herts.
Deborah Andrew 01/09/2000 Holmesdale Community School, Snodland
Mandi Appiah 01/08/2001 City College, Brighton and Hove
Nicola Ashton 17/02/2006 Coopers School
Sarah Ashton 01/08/2001 Kingdown
Louise Astbury 05/04/2007 Oldham Sixth Form College
John Atkinson 07/09/2007 
Abena Baiden 23/05/2008 
Ivan Baird 01/01/2002 The Heathland School, Hounslow
Maria Barlow 01/09/2000 Chorlton High School
Julie Barnes 25/10/2002 
Karin Barratt 27/04/2007 Cal Prep
Rachel Bateman 18/11/2011 n/a
Sarah Battams 23/03/2015 Private tutor/examiner
Lynsey Bayley 01/02/2001 
Prue Bendell 04/09/2009 Budmouth Technology College
Ian Bennett 23/11/2004 Tytherington High School
Michael Berman 28/09/2012 Oxford House College
Shirley Bierman 16/09/2013 Other
Georgina Billings 26/05/2006 Standards and Testing Agency (STA)
Jane Blackburn 05/12/2008 Castelar College, San Pedro del Pinatar
Julie Blake 29/04/2005 
Madeline Bliss 28/03/2008 Peacehaven Community School
Alex Booth 01/06/2001 Hazel Grove High School, Stockport
Tom Boulter 30/10/2002 Chalfonts Community College
Lana Boztas 19/01/2007 Warren Mead Junior
Anna Bradley 02/11/2012 St Albans Girls' School
Allan Brame 21/10/2005 Archbishop Blanch
Ruth Bravo 09/01/2006 Hinchingbrooke School
Elizabeth Bremner-Smith 09/09/2011 Alcester Grammar School
Gemma Brooks 17/07/2009 N A
Mandy Brougham 25/11/2013 Teach First English
Lee Brown 01/07/1999 St Cleres
Loretta Browne 25/02/2013 primary
Pete Bunten 12/05/2006 
Laura Burden 05/06/2013 Portsmouth Grammar Senior School
Tracey Caldwell 30/11/2004 
Frank Callus 01/05/2001 Tredegor Comprehensive School
Angela Catterall 19/05/2004 Fred Longworth High
Rachael Caveney 04/01/2007 
Susan Chapman 01/04/2001 Durham University
Samantha Chaventre 24/02/2014 Little Heath School
Kate Cheetham 18/03/2002 Alderman White School
Nicola-Ingrid Chidlow  05/10/2012 Newland School For Girls
Sara Childe 01/11/2000 Cheshunt School
Jill Childs 14/01/2004 Beechwood
Ruth Chuck 27/02/2009 Ralph Thoresby School
Natalie Chyba 27/01/2006 Howell's School
Laura Clark 15/04/2013 Trafalgar School at Downton
Jody Clarke 23/09/2013 Wood Green Academy
Dan Clay 23/04/2010 Not applicable
Dan Clayton 23/10/2006 Colchester Sixth Form College
Jane Clewlow 22/02/2002 Salford City Academy
Jane Coe 01/08/2001 The Park High School, Kings Lynn
Richard Coffey 01/01/2001 
Anthony Collins 07/07/2014 Lode Heath School
Nicky Cooke 01/04/2001 Tanbridge House School, Horsham
Tracee Cossey 30/09/2004 Teach-me Tuition Service
Chris Cox 01/11/2000 Broughton Business & Enterprise College
Laura Creswick 12/05/2014 Nailsea School
Lucy Cripps 01/01/2002 University of Salzburg
Adrian Cropper 10/03/2006 The Queen Elizabeth's (1561) C of E Endowed
Julie Cumbo 09/10/2002 St Bede's, Redhill
Christie Cutter 11/01/2008 The Marlborough school
Angèle d'Entremont 15/05/2009 Ecole Secondaire de Par-en-bas
Fiona Darby 02/11/2001 Stratford High School
Olivia Date 16/04/2010 Freelance
Georgina Davidson 26/09/2002 Trevethin Community School, Pontypool
Alexandra Dean 12/06/2002 
Nicola Dear 17/10/2005 Twynham School
J. Delve 08/09/2014 Thorpe House
Amelia Di Paolo 22/07/2011 Eastlea Community School
David Didau 01/11/2000 Consultant
Ann Diego 31/07/2009 NewVIc sixth form college
Sue Distefano 01/02/2002 Cleeve Park School, Sidcup
Karen Dobbins 10/05/2007 Salendine Nook High School
Hannah Dodwell 28/05/2010 Great Torrington School
Heather Doherty 20/07/2012 Cheney School
Hemant Doshi 08/06/2012 Ipswich School
Sarah Dowey 06/07/2012 Scalby School
Mathilde Dratwa 01/09/2006 International School of Toulouse
Joanne Duncan 22/02/2007 Bullers Wood School
Joanne Duncan and N Ashton 26/04/2005 Coopers School
Mark Dunphy 28/10/2013 Collingwood School & Media Arts College
Emily Dunstan 01/09/2006 Gillotts School
Richard Durant 01/12/2000 Devon Education Services
Eliza Ekstein 15/03/2004 Ashville College
Meghann Ellis 01/09/2006 Swakeleys School
Esther Ellis 21/07/2006 Ysgol John Bright
Mike Ellwood 23/10/2006 Corpus Christi Catholic Sports College
Sarah English 26/10/2012 St George's College
Lucy English 01/01/2002 Thamesmead School
Craig Ennew 16/06/2006 Bishop Wordsworth's School
Karen Evans 01/04/2001 Ryeish Green School, Reading
Emily Evans 18/05/2012 Penglais School
John Evans 01/10/2000 Alec Hunter High School, Braintree
Ben Eyre 01/10/2001 ISSH Tokyo
Val Fairhead 01/04/2001 Cavendish School
Andrew Fairhurst 01/11/2001 
Karen Fallows 01/08/2001 Trinity School, Carlisle, Cumbria
Penny Fearn 06/02/2009 Gryphon School
Keziah Featherstone 01/02/2001 Bridge Learning Secondary Campus
Ashley Fenton 01/04/2001 Guildford High School, Surrey
Mike Ferguson 25/10/2005 
Andrew Field 01/06/2000 Neale-Wade Community College, March, Cambridgeshire
Darren Field 21/10/2013 Private tutor
Newell Fisher 01/02/2002 Beacon Community School, CrowboroughE.Sussex
Rose Fletcher 01/07/2005 Wilson's School
Rebecca Foster 18/02/2013 Thamesview School
Carol Foster (Contrib) 01/02/2002 
Dean Fox 01/01/2001 Ratton School
mark fox 27/07/2012 Biddick School
Annie Fox 19/01/2007 Saint Cecilia's
Mark Freeman 15/12/2006 Chaucer Technology School
Jenny Fribbins 07/09/2012 Immanuel School
Darren Gallagher 01/04/2005 Saint John Wall RC School
Emma Gardiner 26/03/2009 Freelance
Patrick Garrett 06/02/2009 The Community College, Chulmleigh
Kerry Gibbs 07/10/2005 11+ Tutoring
abigail gibbs 27/08/2014 Q3 Academy
Rachael Gibson 06/01/2012 Lancaster Girls' Grammar School
Francis Gilbert 28/10/2013 n/a
Rhiannon Glover 01/01/2000 Havering Sixth Form College
Julia Glozier 01/06/2001 Goffs School
Holly Gocoul 04/03/2013 Backwell School
Wally Gomes 01/11/2000 St Boniface's College, Plymouth
Theresa Gooda 05/11/2010 The Weald School
Angela Goodman 02/12/2005 Sheldon School
Alison Gray-Green 07/07/2006 The Tennyson High School
Kirsty Green 04/03/2013 Oakwood Park Grammar School
Sue Greetham 25/11/2011 Other
Peter Groves 28/01/2004 
John Hagger 01/05/2009 
Peter Hale 09/01/2006 The Alsop High School
Stephen Hall 01/05/2001 Sedbergh School
Diane Hall and Mark Foley 15/10/2010 
Eddie Halliday 01/02/2000 Yardleys School
Katy Hamilton 13/01/2012 
Stephanie Hamman 11/03/2013 Heartland's Academy
David Hampton 26/03/2003 B6 Sixth Form College, Brooke House
Diane Hand 01/06/2000 British International School, Kiev
Kate Hanney 01/11/2000 Stocksbridge High School, Sheffield
Lance Hanson 01/11/2000 Redhill School, Stourbridge, W Mids
Alice Hanton 01/02/2001 Little Ilford School, Newham
Elizabeth Hanton 01/01/2001 Guilsborough School
Lisa Harris 25/09/2009 Forres Academy
Catherine Hartley 28/04/2014 Bartholomew School
Kevin Hartley 01/03/2001 Orton Langueville School, Peterborough
Nic Harvey 01/01/2000 Hatch End High School
Sadie Hawthorn 28/02/2002 Roade School Sports College
Melanie Henderson 01/02/2007 Ysgol Uwchradd Glan Clwyd
Bianca Hendicott 17/03/2006 St Michael's RC Secondary School
Richard Hewitt 13/04/2012 aula cero
Lucy Hewitt 25/06/2010 
Kerry Hickman 03/06/2011 British Academy
Delia Higgins 26/01/2007 Tuxford School
Dearne High School 05/03/2003 Dearne High School
Edna Hobbs 15/06/2004 Lytchett Minster School
Michelle Holland 29/04/2013 Langdon Park School
Paula Holmes 02/01/2003 Tudhoe Grange School
Fiona Holt 01/11/2001 Bay House School, Gosport
Dinah Hooper 03/03/2005 Abbeyfield School
Julie Hopkins 08/09/2006 N/A
Bethan Hopkins 21/09/2012 teacher3@redland
judy hornigold 15/04/2011 
Kathryn Howard 09/11/2004 Royal Manor Arts College
Jack Howard 23/03/2012 Thornden School Hampshire
Jayne Hudson 03/09/2002 The Sandon School
Susan Humphries 03/03/2005 Aylesford
Kate Hutchings 29/05/2013 St Peters School
Joanne Irving 16/03/2007 Northumberland LA
Judy Jacobs 01/05/2001 Whitefield Community School
Emma James Tomlinson 27/07/2007 Sandon High School
Janet Jeffery 27/11/2002 Homewood School & Sixth Form College
Jennifer Jenkins 25/05/2012 St Paul's CE Primary
Penelope Johnson 09/09/2011 Hurlingham & Chelsea Sec School
Victoria Jones 09/09/2011 Coedcae Comprehensive School
Harmeet Kaur Matharu 01/04/2001 Brampton Manor Academy
Kat Kearey 31/03/2014 George Abbot School
Sarah Keeler 06/07/2012 Orchard School Bristol
Corinne Kelly 11/06/2003 
Lindsay Kelly 09/04/2009 Oldham Sixth Form College
Pauline Kelly 15/01/2003 St Benedict RC School
Elizabeth Kemp 01/06/2007 King Edward VI College
Robyn Kemsley 27/10/2006 Shanghai American School
Juliet Ann King 14/01/2003 Grately House School
Natalie Kinrade 13/07/2012 Highsted Grammar School
Natalie Kirkwood 08/06/2012 St John's Catholic School and Sixth form College
Mary Klymenko 25/11/2011 International House, Kharkiv
Andrew Langley 18/02/2003 
Ken Langley 01/11/2001 Broxbourne School, Herts
Anne Laverty 03/03/2002 Xaverian College
Jenny Leavett 22/04/2014 
Kate Lee  04/03/2014 
Lindy Leslie 09/12/2011 
Susan Lewington 17/02/2012 lewington99@hotmail.com
Clare Lewis 26/04/2004 Chellaston School
Nelson Liddle 01/08/2000 Denny High School, Scotland
Caroline Liggett 10/02/2012 
Rose Lindsay 06/02/2004 Holmer Green Senior School
Rosalina Lionetti 08/07/2013 Sharnbrook Upper School
Rachel Lister 21/07/2006 
Emma Litterick 09/02/2007 Princethorpe College
Mark Lloyd 16/11/2012 WELS Bath
Patricia Lovelock 02/02/2015 British School of Bucharest
Mathew Lynch 09/04/2009 Oulder Hill School & Language College
Alison MacDermott 12/12/2008 The Royal Alexandra & Albert Sch
Andy Mackmurdo 01/04/2001 Brevikskolan, Oxelosund, Sweden
Helen Magner 01/08/2001 Harris Church Of England Sports College
Elizabeth Maguire 18/11/2004 Park High
Susan Malloy 22/06/2007 Lord Lawson of Beamish Community School
Fiona Mansell 23/05/2003 Christ The King RC School
Clare Mantell 01/11/2000 
Nicky Marquand 18/05/2012 The Catholic High School Chester
Alacoque Marvin 21/10/2003 
Alex May 26/03/2012 Wrekin College
Jayne McCallum 27/01/2006 Consultant
Marcella McCarthy 01/06/2004 The Cherwell School
Paul McChleery 01/04/2005 Ninestiles
Theresa McDonald 25/05/2012 
Erin McDonnell 14/12/2012 The John Fisher School
Hazel McKay 23/08/2010 St John's, Marlborough
Robert McKirdy 01/04/2001 Withernsea High School & Technology College
Ciara McLoughlin 12/10/2012 St Patricks Grammar School
James McNeillie 01/10/2001 Aylestone School, Hereford
Esther McQueen 19/05/2006 Sharnbrook School
Lucy Meredith 02/12/2013 Southdowns College
Lara Miles 28/09/2012 Mayflower High School
Helen Millman Jones 09/10/2002 Colyton Grammar School
Ellie Mills 01/11/2000 Herschel Grammar School, Slough
Jacinta Mills 12/09/2002 Buxton Community School
Trevor Millum 29/04/2008 
Stephen Mitchell 27/09/2005 St Luke's Science and Sports College
Susannah Moffat 14/01/2003 Ursuline High School, London
tracey mohan 26/10/2012 St. Mary's H.S. Newry
Amanda Monaghan 02/01/2007 Mill Hill County High School
Sara Monk 01/11/2000 
Sarah Moody 26/09/2002 Nunnery Wood High School
Andrew Moore  30/07/2010 Andrew Moore's English Site
Emily Morgan 23/02/2015 
Kate Morley 15/12/2014 Katikati College
Craig Morris 03/02/2006 King Williams College
Joanne Morris 21/02/2003 Fred Longworth High School
Debbie Morris 12/05/2004 Menzies High School
Caroline Mortlock 18/05/2004 Community College Whitstable
Lyndsey Morton 17/07/2013 Graveney School
Jane Muir 17/05/2011 Bartholomew School
Niall Munro 28/04/2006 Other
Linda Murdison 13/04/2007 Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College
Fran Nantongwe 18/03/2013 NEAD
Claire Naujoks 05/10/2012 St George's English International School, Cologne
Vivienne Neale 04/03/2002 Southgate School
Claire Nebesnuick 26/09/2002 Aylesbury Grammar School
Anna Newbold 06/10/2014 Discovery Bay PRU
Ruth Newbury 01/08/2001 retired
Amy Newsham 31/08/2012 Kirkbie Kendal School
Linda Newton 24/09/2007 Oldham Sixth Form College
Gry Nielsen Jacobs 26/08/2004 Burford School
Rosie Norman 07/12/2012 Kaplan Bath UK
Sonja Nunneley 15/05/2013 N/A
Terry O'Brien 01/08/2001 South Downs School
Aoife O'Connell 01/04/2001 
Garrett O'Doherty 21/04/2005 LEA
Caroline O'Gara 01/08/2001 Brent Education Tuition Service
DIANA O'SHEA 04/11/2013 Colton Hills School
Freya Odell 06/03/2003 Durrington High School, Worthing
School Oldfield 16/04/2004 Oldfield School
Nicola Olhausen 11/04/2008 Holmer Green Senior School
Hilary Owen 22/02/2002 Plymouth College
Leo Owen 25/01/2008 
Rachel Owens 01/01/2002 Thamesmead School
Peter Oxtoby 01/02/2001 
Lucy Palmer 16/03/2012 
Dave Parker 01/08/2001 
Keith Passmore 05/06/2013 retired teacher - supply teaching
Felicity Pease 04/11/2011 Torpoint Community School
Deborah Peaty 13/01/2004 Guilsborough School
Mel Peeling 26/09/2002 Gordano School
Tessa Piper 07/10/2011 Secondary school
Sue Pomeroy 20/05/2002 Waddesdon C of E School
Alicia Pope 13/01/2014 N/A
Christian Pors 04/11/2011 
Natashia Pouw-Bray 25/05/2004 Highlands School
Alison Powell 05/04/2007 Bradley Stoke Community School
Sue Pritchard 25/01/2005 West Leeds High School
Natasha Quick 23/10/2002 
Jennifer Rainey 01/04/2001 Rochester Girls Grammar
Christine Rampley 16/12/2004 Ratton School Eastbourne
Clare Rees 24/10/2008 Luckley Oakfield School
Kerry Ricketts 16/09/2005 Dunottar School for Girls
Sue Riley 01/02/2001 
Carol Rimmer 15/01/2003 Fred Longworth High School
Angela Roberts 23/09/2013 The Basildon Lower Academy
Hannah Roberts 09/11/2012 Mossbourne Acaddemy
Emma Robinson 07/05/2010 St Clere's School
Lisa Rockley 18/03/2002 
Charlotte Rogers 09/03/2015 Tonyrefail School
Louise Roman 06/06/2008 Joseph Leckie CTC
David Rowbottom 23/09/2011 Oldham Sixth Form College
Abid Russell 01/09/2006 Madani High School
Jo Saunders 01/02/2001 Stamford High School, Lincs.
Tony Scarfi 01/09/2006 Rougemont
Helen Schmidt 27/09/2005 Dargaville High School
Rachel Scofield 01/11/2001 Saint Albans School, Birmingham
Stuart Scott 08/07/2011 
Frances Seketa 16/03/2007 Centre for Adult Education
Jessica Selwood 05/06/2013 The Emmbrook School, Wokingham
Richard Shakeshaft 16/11/2007 Queen Mary's High School
Jane Shaw 01/11/2000 City of Portsmouth Boys' School
Rachel Shaw 01/04/2001 
Christine Shaw Smith 01/08/2000 
Sue Shearman 09/05/2008 
Joy Simpson 01/10/2000 Whipton Barton Middle School
Kathryn Slocombe 19/09/2008 xcvbn
Chris Smart 05/11/2013 Editor
Stacy Smith 09/01/2009 Morecambe High School
Paul Smith 01/05/2000 Bilton High, Rugby
Lorna Smith 09/01/2006 Bristol
Ruth Smith 01/01/2002 Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
Alison Smith 01/10/2001 Ulverston Victoria High School
Rebekah Smith 19/01/2015 Q3 Academy
Nicola Snelling 08/12/2014 Cardinal Allen Catholic High School, Fleetwood
Angela Speck 28/05/2010 Harris Academy Merton
Robyn Spicer 27/10/2006 Emirates International School- Jumeirah
Helen Stacey 13/10/2006 
George Stainsby 18/03/2011 Kenton School
Simon Stansfield 14/06/2002 
Simon Stone 18/06/2014 Lawns Park primary
Laura Storr 17/02/2012 Trinity Catholic School
Clare Suss 14/12/2012 Exeter College
Christine Sweeney 17/10/2005 Lord Lawson of Beamish Comm. Sch.
Pamela Sweeney 12/10/2012 Moor Park School
Heather Swinnerton 03/03/2006 Coopers Technology College
Jan Szafranski 03/02/2006 de Stafford School
Jason Tarbath 25/03/2003 Coombeshead College
Lesley Taylor 09/09/2011 St Benedict's Catholic School
Katy Taylor 16/11/2007 Secondary School
Katy Taylor and D Purdon 09/11/2007 Secondary School
Carol Ann Taylor Lee 02/09/2002 
London Teacher Training College 23/09/2011 
Raynah Thomas 01/07/2005 Cockshut Hill Technology College
Lucy Thomas 30/11/2007 The Harrodian School
Steve Thompson 12/09/2002 
Leo Thompson 27/06/2005 
Julie Thrasher 12/09/2008 Coombe Girls' School
Felicity Titjen 10/06/2010 Oldham Sixth Form College
Angela Topping 07/07/2005 
Robin Towle 01/11/2000 High Storrs
Matthew Venton 02/09/2002 Weydon School
Briony Verdon 15/01/2003 Didcot Girls' School
Carmel Waldron 01/12/2000 No school
Bronia Walker 12/03/2010 
Annabel Wall  01/01/2002 Chew Valley School
Rachel Ward 21/11/2008 Ellowes Hall Sports College
Alison Warr 25/03/2003 All Saint's College
Carly Waterman 18/12/2002 Brooke Weston College, Corby
Annabel Watson 02/12/2004 University of Exeter
Cameron Wayne-Brown 01/11/2000 Markethill High School, Co Armagh, N Ireland
Rachel Webb 11/03/2013 The John Bentley School
Lisa Webber 09/03/2012 Gordano
Lisa Webster 02/03/2012 Perth Grammar School
Faye Wemyss-Cook 01/11/2000 Sheredes Secondary School
Anna Wexler 01/06/2012 Other
David Wheeldon 24/03/2006 Cavele School
beryl whincup 02/12/2013 Sir Graham Balfour School
Philip White 01/11/2000 Thorpe Hall School
Diane Whomersley 01/09/2000 Scarborough 6th Form College
Leila Wildsmith 01/06/2012 The John of Gaunt School
Stephannie Wilkinson 27/09/2005 The Priory Academy LSST
Mary Williamson 04/03/2002 Other
Gary Wilsonn 01/11/2000 
Bob Winslow 01/02/2001 St Ambrose High School North Lanarkshire
Peter Wright 01/11/2000 Wrotham School, Sevenoaks, Kent
Cathy Young 30/09/2013 Weddington Primary
Steph Young 23/08/2002 Shepshed High School