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Essential literacy books created by Babcock LDP and Teachit

Richard Durant

Keen to boost your students' literacy levels? We've teamed up with one of our longest serving contributors, Richard Durant, and Babcock Learning & Development Partnership, to develop and publish a series of practical books for literacy.

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Leading Reading

From £13.49

Literacy is high on the Ofsted and curriculum agenda, and this practical guide offers advice on how to embed and promote good reading skills across the curriculum.

Leading Reading, the new companion to Less Good Writing, gathers together the best ideas for improving reading in all subject areas. In addition, it gives detailed advice for school leaders and literacy co-ordinators on how to initiate and keep reading improvement going, and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

With sections on research skills, skimming and scanning, and a wealth of practical tips, this is a comprehensive guide to leading reading improvement across a secondary school.

» Click here to view the contents page from Leading Reading.

» Click here to view a sample PDF from Leading Reading.


Less Good Writing

From £13.49

This playful, practical manual focuses on improving writing across the secondary curriculum. 

In secondary schools, students encounter demands on their literacy skills that are often not even acknowledged by their teachers, let alone supported. However, we not only need to improve the quality of writing, we also need to question its quantity to ensure that teachers give students opportunities for other ways of recording and consolidating their learning. In short, we need less, good writing. 

Less Good Writing provides a clear rationale for improvement as well as some effective short cuts to success.

It is designed to support literacy co-ordinators and senior leaders in defining priorities and getting sustainable activity going. It also contains a wealth of advice and ideas which teachers will find of immediate practical use in their lessons.

» Click here to view the contents page from Less Good Writing.

» Click here to view a sample PDF from Less Good Writing.



Getting on with Writing

From £20.69

The new Ofsted inspection framework and standards for teachers require a renewed focus on literacy and differentiation. Getting on with Writing provides exactly this.

With engaging activities aimed at moving students from Level 2 up towards Level 5 in writing, Getting on with Writing is geared towards helping students to make fast and enjoyable progress. 

The activities in this impressive toolkit are a timely contribution to effective intervention programmes and can be used in lessons, in small groups, and easily adapted for one-to-one tuition sessions. Getting on with Writing is aimed at teachers, teaching assistants and one-to-one tutors who have the task of boosting the writing skills of lower-attaining students.

» Click here to view the contents page from Getting on with Writing.

» Click here to view a sample PDF from Getting on with Writing.


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Leading Reading



Less Good Writing



Getting on with Writing



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