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At the moment, we're particularly keen to publish resources for:

  • KS3 essay writing
  • KS3 SPaG
  • KS4 writing skills
  • KS4 reading unseen texts 
  • KS5 English Language.

Why share your resources with us?

When it comes to resources, you know best. Which is why all of the resources in our libraries are made by teachers (and our editorial team are teachers too!). We also believe that a teacher's time is precious and that hours spent producing materials should be rewarded.

In return for your teaching materials, we offer:

  • free access to everything on the site
  • royalty payments.

Getting started

To set the application process in motion, you'll need to:

  1. Fill in the online form.
  2. Submit a batch of (up to) five resources.

And after that ...?

If your application has been successful, somebody from our editorial team will be in touch!

If you’ve already registered as a contributor on one of Teachit’s other sites, there’s no need to register again. You can submit resources to Teachit from the other site.



Comments from some of our contributors:

'After using Teachit for a few years I was so inspired I became a contributor and now enjoy royalties cheques!'

'At Teachit there's always space for diversity'

'Seeing my own resources on such a beautiful, powerful, eclectic repository as Teachit is like a dream come true: everyone gets everything at last!'

'What’s good about contributing to Teachit? The fact that all the hours of hard work aren't languishing at the back of a dusty filing cabinet somewhere, because they're available to anyone else who wants to use them. It's good to share!'