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Teachit Talk

13th March 2014


Non-fiction and media

With (dare I say it) exam season not being too far off, we've rounded up some non-fiction and media resources, and provided you with access to plenty of source materials that are ripe for analysis.

Lindy Leslie

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Subscribers only!

Our non-fiction and media pack provides a wealth of activities, ideas and approaches (suitable for both KS3 and 4), as well as relevant and useful source materials (via online links). Offering a pick ‘n’ mix approach, the activities and resources don’t necessarily have to be taught in consecutive order. Simply choose the most appropriate tasks / ideas for your class and away you go! 

» Find out more about the non-fiction and media teaching pack

Topical treasure of the week


News and non-fiction teaching ideas

One of the hardest things about teaching non-fiction and media can be finding topical, interesting articles and texts for your students to analyse.

Our non-fiction and media teaching ideas page should make things a whole lot easier. Updated reguarly, the page provides links to articles, videos and other interesting things we find along the way, all accompanied with teaching ideas.

» See our news and non-fiction teaching ideas page
  Find our featured resources


  Find our featured resources  
  Find our featured resources  

Importance of tone

Introduce students to the importance of recognising 'tone' with this fun speaking and listening activity.

The PDF is free for everyone. The Word version is for subscribers and published contributors.

» Find this resource

How to survive a shark attack – creating an advice sheet

Explore instructional language and learn to how to survive a shark attack at the same time. Win win.

The PDF is free for everyone. The Word version is for subscribers and published contributors.

» Find this resource

Online tricks and treats



Create short, looping videos with the Vine app. Easy to use and free to download, your students will love the chance to play 'director/editor' for the day.

»Find out more about the Vine app


Hitting the headlines

'Give heads more time' to improve failing schools (BBC)

Ofsted to introduce new 'light touch' inspection regime (Guardian)

Pupils 'shunning tough books at secondary school' (Telegraph)

Book news and competitions

A leading academic has criticised UK writers as less adventurous than US counterparts, after only four British writers make it on to the Bailey's prize longlist.

Be in with the chance of winning books and a trip to see Wicked with the Wicked Young Writers' Award.

What's on



I Was There: The Great War Interviews

Footage from the early 1960s in which men talk about their experiences in the First World War.

Fri 14th March | 9pm - 10pm | BBC2


A Good Read

Julie Birchill and Fred MacAulay discuss their favourite books.

Tue 18th March | 4.30pm - 5pm | BBC Radio 4


Private Peaceful

This popular KS3 text is brought to life on stage.

26th March - 28th June | On tour

» Visit the site for full theatre listings

Use up your budget in the Teachit bookshop

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Budget to spare?

If you’ve got any extra pennies (or even pounds!) in your department budget, there are bargains to be had in the Teachit bookshop.

Pop over to our books page to pick up: posters to brighten up your classroom and act as visual aids; cover lesson packs for Key Stages 3 and 4 and our English teacher’s toolkit – Take Five.

We also stock a selection of literacy books, aimed specifically at teachers and senior leaders who are keen to improve the quality of students’ writing across the secondary curriculum.

Find out more about our books and packs



Essential Anthologies from OUP

Find our featured resources  

New: Essential Anthologies for your 11-14s

Offering a differentiated, skills focused approach, the new Essential Anthologies series of Student Books, Teachers’ Books and accompanying Kerboodle resources, provides a flexible programme which supports all your 11-14 students to make progress in the key skills required at this stage.

The Student Books contain carefully selected texts and extracts from a variety of genres based around the central themes of Communication and Information and Creativity and Imagination.
Choose Essential Anthologies for:

  • Carefully selected texts and resources covering genres including Drama, Media and Poetry.
  • A range of activities, in the Teacher’s Books, matched to each text, with opportunities for preparation for Key Stage 4 through extended writing and analysis tasks.
  • Additional support for assessment and customisable activities in the Kerboodle Book for Teachers.
To find out more and order any of the resources on inspection, free for 30 days, email


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Teaching packs

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