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Teachit Talk

3rd July 2014


New KS3 resources

With exams out of the way (finally!), you might find some of our latest KS3 resources handy.

Read on for activity packs, explorations of the Titanic and Punctuation Bingo!

Lindy Leslie

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  Find our featured resources  
  Find our featured resources  

Reading journal

A selection of creative tasks and activities to support students while reading the beautifully illustrated book War Game by Michael Foreman.

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Thinking about themes

Students use theme headings and prompts to explore key ideas within The Hunger Games.

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  Find our featured resources  
  Find our featured resources  

The people of the Titanic

Using pictures and biographical information, students explore the human stories behind the tragedy.

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Punctuation Bingo!

Students match words to definitions. Cards can be laminated for re-use!

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Draft A level specifications

What are your initial views of the new (draft) A level specs? Come and share your thoughts in our staffroom.

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Take KS3 and KS4 cover packs

The aim of our cover packs is to take the stress out of setting cover by providing your department with everything you need for meaningful, accessible lessons across the ability range. Our cover packs include:
  • teacher sheets for cover teachers
  • student friendly instructions and worksheets
  • grids and tick sheets to keep track of work set.
Each pack is now only £37.50 + p&p for Teachit subscribers and £49.50 + p&p for free members.

Order both packs and get a further 20% discount.

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Hitting the headlines

Teachers spend less than half their working week in the classroom (Guardian)

Fewer offered places at chosen schools (BBC)

Teach First expands into poor rural and coastal areas (BBC)

Book news and competitions

The Telegraph has a round-up of their books of the year so far.

For any budding young writers out there, Teen Ink welcomes competition entries all year round and publishes up to three 'winners' each month.

What's on



A History of Britain by Simon Schama

Schama looks at the impact of the Black Death.

Thu 10th July | 9pm - 10pm | BBC4



Lorrie Moore discusses her novel Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? with James Naughtie and a group of readers.

Sun 5th July | 11.00pm - 11.30pm | BBC Radio 4


Shakespeare in Love

A new production based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard.

From 2nd July | Noël Coward Theatre

» Visit the site for full theatre listings

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From new specifications to the latest CPD courses, AQA will make sure you are kept in the loop.
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