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Teachit Talk

11th September 2014


Latest resources

With the new term comes new classes and diverse needs - hopefully the wide range of new resources we've just published will meet some of these!

Lindy Leslie

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  Find our featured resources  

Reading log

A set of questions and activities on each chapter of the novel Once, by Morris Gleitzman.

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Chapter 10 – questions on the monster

A series of questions for Frankenstein designed to get students to think about the impact of the monster and analyse their reactions/response to it.

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  Find our featured resources  
  Find our featured resources  

To what extent is Heathcliff a Byronic hero?

A group task exploring the character of Heathcliff in the novel.

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Making comparisons

A useful PowerPoint containing an excerpt of an exemplar answer (which refers to texts 9 and 11 of the AQA Anthology - Food Glorious Food) for analysis.

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Take Five

Take Five is written by English, Drama and Media Studies teachers, and draws on a selection of much-loved Teachit resources.

With chapters on core areas of the English curriculum, including SPaG, Shakespeare, Pre-1914 prose and differentiation (both for AG&T & SEN students), there’s plenty in Take Five to inspire, refresh and encourage good practice.

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» Try the free sample chapter Shuffling sentences
  Find our featured resources


Hitting the headlines

Britain facing literacy crisis which will leave nearly 1.5 million 11-year-olds unable to read properly by 2025 (Independent)

A million 'missing out' on state help for school leavers (Telegraph)

Children with nursery education get better GCSEs (Independent)

Book news and competitions

The Telegraph has published their list of the 25 best young adult books of 2014 so far.

Get involved with the Teen book club from the Guardian - and enter a prize draw to win a copy of Wonder by RJ Palacio.

What's on



Shakespeare in Love

Another chance to watch this Oscar-winning film starring Joseph Fiennes and Gywneth Paltrow.

Fri 12th September | 9pm - 11:30pm | More4



Guests are challenged on their knowledge of words and playfulness with language.

Wed 17th September | 11.30am - 12pm | BBC Radio 4


The Comedy of Errors

The latest Shakespeare production from The Globe.

30th August - 12th October | The Globe

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