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Teachit Talk Newsletter
Please add newsletter@englishteachingonline.co.uk to your address book or safelist

Teachit Talk

21st January 2016


Latest resources

Well done on making it to the end of January (well, nearly)!

As the term, and lesson planning, rolls on, take a look at some of our latest resources for some fresh ideas.

Lindy Leslie



  Find our featured resources  
  Find our featured resources  

The trial of Jonathan Small:
The Sign of the Four

A courtroom roleplay activity for your students to revisit the case. Split your students into 'prosecution' or 'defence', getting them to gather evidence for or against the defendant.

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Getting started:
Jane Eyre

Some pre-reading activities, with further activities and suggestions for keeping track of themes and character development.

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  Find our featured resources  
  Find our featured resources  

Births, marriages and deaths: Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Explore the births, marriages and deaths in the novel by rereading the key events and making notes on these.

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Exam practice using Touching the Void

Explore the language methods used in both climbers' accounts, with your students. Great for revision.

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Take KS4 Cover teaching pack


Take the stress out of setting cover

Our cover lessons pack Take KS4 Cover includes a range of meaningful, instantly accessible lesson plans and resources. Great for days when your subject specialists are out on ski trips or elsewhere, or even for teaching your booster classes.

Topics include reading, writing, speaking and listening, spoken language, drama, prose and poetry – with differentiation built in.

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Hitting the headlines

Geographical inequality in education has grown over 30 years, study finds (Guardian)

Lack of school guidance failing transgender pupils (Telegraph)

Call for more females in the curriculum (BBC)

Book news and competitions

Poet Sarah Howe has won the TS Eliot prize with an 'amazing' debut.

Are any of your students poets, critics or story writers? Of course they are! There's £4000 up for grabs with the Keats-Shelley Young Romantics Writing Competition...

What's on




The Dickens inspired series continues.

Fri 22nd Jan | 8:30pm - 9pm | BBC2


The Verb

Ian McMillan looks at writing for young people and celebrates the language of Beatrix Potter.

Fri 22nd Jan | 10.00pm - 10.45pm | BBC Radio 3



The Globe stages this classic tragedy.

18th June - 1st October | The Globe


Vacancies to mark A-level and GCSE English – Apply now

  AQA Logo

This time of year we recruit and appoint qualified teachers to mark the summer exam series for A-levels and GCSEs. We are looking for teachers with three terms teaching experience of A-level or GCSE English. There are lots of benefits to marking exams including:

  • financial benefits – earn between £500 and £1,000
  • CPD and enabling career opportunities
  • great on your CV
  • gain unique insight into the assessment process
  • expert knowledge of mark schemes
  • gain a fresh perspective and inspire your students with new ideas.

How to apply

Teachers should apply now for the summer via our website

Watch our videos:

If you have any questions email us at examine@aqa.org.uk or call our enquiries hotline on 01483 556161.

Introducing our time-saving teaching packs

Teaching packs

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Latest resources

Latest resources

Analysing a Born Free Foundation text
Critical reading | Non-fiction texts

Newspaper report
Romeo and Juliet

Exploring 'Goblin Market'
Rossetti, Christina

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