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New national curriculum – September 2014

New programmes of study are being introduced for all subjects at KS1–4. The final curriculum has now been published, with the exception of KS4 English, Maths and Science, which will follow, in line with the timetable for GCSE reform. The new programmes of study can be taught now and will be compulsory for maintained schools from September 2014. In Years 2 and 6, though, the current programmes of study in English, Maths and Science will continue until 2015. 

Foreign languages has been added at KS2 and ICT has been renamed computing. 

In the new curriculum the following subjects are compulsory at KS1–3: English, Maths, Science, Art and design, Computing, Design and technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music and Physical education. Citizenship is compulsory at KS3 and 4. All schools are required to teach religious education at all key stages and secondary schools must provide sex and relationship education. 

At KS4 the entitlement areas are Arts (Art and Design, Music, Dance, Drama and Media Arts), Design and Technology, the Humanities (Geography and History) and Modern Foreign Languages. Students in maintained schools must be able to choose to study a subject in each of those four areas.

The national curriculum for England to be taught in all maintained primary and secondary schools from September 2014 (DfE, September 2013)

National curriculum and assessment: information for schools (DfE, January 2014)

Myths and facts: curriculum and assessment (DfE, February 2014)

Last updated: 17th March 2014