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Key Stage 3 Non-fiction and media resources

Use our resources to explore the different areas of non-fiction and media, including film magazines, websites, newspapers, travel writing and the rest! 

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News and non-fiction teaching ideas 

No more trawling the web looking for interesting and relevant articles for students to analyse – we’ve done it for you! Updated every week, our blog provides links to interesting and topical articles, videos and other interesting things we find along the way.  



Exploring websites (3 resources)

Films (9 resources)

Investigating magazines (2 resources)

Leaflets (5 resources)

Magazine and newspaper articles (1 resource)

Marketing (4 resources)

Newspapers (19 resources)

Non-fiction and media basics (KS3/4) (17 resources)

Non-fiction text types (12 resources)

Print advertising (19 resources)

Travel writing (4 resources)

Writing to inform, explain, describe (1 resource)

This way for:

Writing a feature article is a fantastic resource. By selecting a topic of their choice, the resource talks students through purpose, audience and format to help their organisation.

Rachel Webb, Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator 


Non-fiction and media

6 week teaching pack

Non-fiction and media

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