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From the resource collection(s): The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Introductory tasks designed to engage students with aspects of the plot and background to the novel.    

Published: 01/07/2011  KS4 | Prose

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Ruth Newbury
One of the great 19th century writers whose Holmes stories have never been out of print. Everyone should meet Holmes and Watson somewhere in their formal education. Wonderful characterisation and carefully plotted stories. Following the clues is something you can do with every story.

I tend to do "the Gothic" via Conan Doyle - particularly The Speckled Band because it ticks all the Gothic Boxes. Using a grid again - they are so useful - and speedy for students to use for evaluating a text - and this would work for other titles like A Woman in Black.

Great faithful versions on both the radio - regularly featured on Radio 4 extra (with Michael Williams as my definitive Watson - the man that everyone would hope would be their friend and the Jeremy Brett ITV Holmes series.

I can never understand why the detective/crime genre is viewed as second rate literature. I have found that once caught - students extend their interest in this genre.

With the sort of groups I have short stories are the best way to grab interest in a text. Whilst we are doing the Hound we hear some other short stories and look at other authors - Poirot compares well with Holmes together with Miss Marple, Lord Peter Whimsey, Ian Rankin, Frederick Forsyth - Jeffrey Archer - all popular.

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