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Ten Toptastic Primary Resources to tempt you further!

Dinosaur rhymes | A fun resource where children choose rhyming words to complete dinosaur poems, think of some more rhymes of their own then finish off a poem by writing their own lines.

Monster soup | A monster resource! Includes a monster recipe example followed by a useful writing frame for children to write their own version.

Ladies and gentlemen | A fun resource encouraging pupils to think of exciting names of characters arriving at the 'Grand Ball' in the Cinderella story.

The Door poetry | An inspiring poetry lesson in which children use the framework to write their own versions of the poem 'The Door' by Miroslav Holub.

Harry’s Half Time Quiz | A super quiz based on the first half of the Philosopher's Stone with answers and wizard/muggle ratings!

The Sorting Hat | The Sorting Hat activity (based on Chapter 7) and Potter's crossword puzzle.

Wanted: fairy tale character | Wanted poster. Draw and describe your fairy tale character.

Pen Pal project | A lively science fiction writing booklet with a range of writing activities for children to complete.

Snap that contraction | Set the speed to one that suits the children and have some interactive matching fun!

Say what you see | A lovely resource using Lowry paintings as a starting point for writing a descriptive text.