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Editor's pinboard


With the summer term coming to an end, we thought it might be nice to look back over this year's most downloaded resources.

SPaG tops the list (and takes second, third and fourth place). Ah ... SPaG it is then.

Anyone for a game of punctuation Bingo?

Lucy Hewitt
Senior Editor
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4 of our most downloaded resources

Top of the table comes Pick apart your punctuation which contains a comprehensive variety of activities to help students practise their punctuation.

Some targeted grammar help comes in the form of Simple, compound and complex sentences. This one's an appealing PowerPoint resource containing a mixture of explanations and activities.

If you'd like your students to become better at spotting problems with their own writing with a view to redrafting it, then take a look at Fix these sentences!

Stuck for something fun to do in the name of SPaG? 20 teaching ideas for SPaG provides a list of creative suggestions for SPaG teaching.


6 week teaching packs

Keen to get next year's planning done and dusted? Our teaching packs are different to our stand-alone resources in that they offer a structured 'route-through' a text, topic or curriculum area (as well as all the resources you'll need for teaching that unit).

They're all freely available to Teachit subscribers or, alternatively, free members can download them as one-off purchases.

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Take Five photocopiable pack

Whether you're training, have recently qualified or are an experienced English teacher, you can never have enough tips or approaches up your sleeve. Take Five is our KS3, 4 and 5 English teacher's toolkit, geared around giving you some fresh and practical ideas and bringing a range of different topics to life.

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