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Key Stage 5 English Language – Introductory resources

Introductory resources

These resources are for teaching the basics of language study at this level, including the study of lexis, semantics, grammar, phonology, discourse, pragmatics, and graphology, as well as key concepts such as register, idiolect, sociolect and dialect.

Descriptions of language (52 resources)

Exam preparation (Introduction to language study) (8 resources)

Induction activities (4 resources)

Key concepts - discourse, register, idiolect, sociolect and dialect (5 resources)

Introduction to language study units

The specialist Teachit Language units below are now accessible on the same basis as all our other resources. Find out more here.

Talk talk

Talk talk: introductory material designed to encourage an exploratory approach to real and represented spoken language variation.

She sells sea shells

She sells sea shells: images of seashore objects and street signs, for exploring ways of classifying data.



Latest resources

Latest resources

An unseen poem: 'The Crow' by John Clare
Clare, John | Unseen poetry

Exploring 'Storm on the Island'
GCSE 2015 Anthology poetry | Heaney, Seamus

Haiku puzzles
An introduction to poetry

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