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Key Stage 5 English Language – Social contexts

Social contexts resources

These collections cover sociolinguistic topics commonly studied at A level: gender; occupational groups; technology; power; accents and dialects. If you'd be interested in submitting resources for other topics (and earning royalties for your work), please visit our contribute page

Accents and dialects (6 resources)

Exam preparation (Language and social contexts) (1 resource)

Language and gender (8 resources)

Language and occupation (1 resource)

Language and power (1 resource)

Language and technology (8 resources)

Social contexts units

The specialist Teachit Language units below are now accessible on the same basis as all our other resources. Find out more here.

Gift inspiration

Gift inspiration: language, gender and representation in some online gift shopping webpages.

Open wide

Open wide: a visit to the orthodontist’s, activities and materials surrounding a talking transcript.

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit: a Language and Gender trail all about whether women really talk more.


Latest resources

Latest resources

An unseen poem: 'The Crow' by John Clare
Clare, John | Unseen poetry

Exploring 'Storm on the Island'
GCSE 2015 Anthology poetry | Seamus Heaney - GCSE

Haiku puzzles
An introduction to poetry

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