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Writing to argue, persuade, advise

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England riots persuasive speech analysis
Suggestions for using a word analysis quadrant to help students  … read more
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KS3 KS4 | Skills
Download England riots persuasive speech analysis in PowerPoint formatDownload England riots persuasive speech analysis in Word formatDownload documentDownload England riots persuasive speech analysis in PDF format
Top grade persuasion
Clear and accessible tips for exam success. Great for visual  … read more
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KS4 | Skills
Download Top grade persuasion in PowerPoint formatDownload Top grade persuasion in PDF format
Building an argument
A handy PowerPoint, ideal for teaching argumentative writing.  … read more
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KS3 KS4 | Skills
Download Building an argument in PowerPoint formatDownload Building an argument in PDF format
Revising persuasive tactics
Timed PowerPoint presentation based on the mnemonic 'A forest'  … read more
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Download Revising persuasive tactics in PowerPoint formatDownload Revising persuasive tactics in PDF format
Persuasive poster task
In groups, produce a poster to persuade non-smoking pupils to  … read more
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KS3 KS4 | Skills
Download Persuasive poster task in PowerPoint formatDownload Persuasive poster task in PDF format

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