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Shelley, Percy Bysshe

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Two versions of Ozymandias
 (1) | Preview
Two sonnets about the same thing, Shelley’s and Smith’s.  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download Two versions of Ozymandias in Word formatDownload Two versions of Ozymandias in PDF format
The Mask of Anarchy
 (1) | Preview
Questions to develop understanding of this poem. (Students may  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download The Mask of Anarchy in Word formatDownload The Mask of Anarchy in PDF format
Shelley's symbols
 (1) | Preview
Students think about recurring themes and symbols and analyse  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download Shelley's symbols in Word formatDownload Shelley's symbols in PDF format
Shelley context
 (1) | Preview
Useful notes on historical background.  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download Shelley context in Word formatDownload Shelley context in PDF format
 (2) | Preview
Sequencing activity for exploring this poem.  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download 'Ozymandias' in On-screen activity format

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