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Grace Nichols

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Word analysis
 (2) | Preview
A useful pre-reading activity, in which students categorise key  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download Word analysis in Word formatDownload Word analysis in PDF format
Praise song for ...
 (3) | Preview
A guide to writing a praise song. Could be used alone or as creative  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download Praise song for ... in Word formatDownload Praise song for ... in PDF format
Imagery in 'Island Man'
 (1) | Preview
Explore the imagery in 'Island Man' and write about its effe  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download Imagery in 'Island Man' in PowerPoint formatDownload Imagery in 'Island Man' in PDF format
'Island Man' interactive game
 (1) | Preview
An interactive Hexbusters quiz to help students to explore and  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download 'Island Man' interactive game in On-screen activity format
Features of The Fat Black Woman's Poems
A summarising worksheet containing a dozen features of this collection  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download Features of The Fat Black Woman's Poems in Word formatDownload Features of The Fat Black Woman's Poems in PDF format
Versatility planning grid
A useful planning sheet for students studying 'The Fat Black  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download Versatility planning grid in Word formatDownload Versatility planning grid in PDF format
Grace Nichols 'Epilogue' Worksheet
Worksheet on 'Epilogue' from 'The Fat Black Woman's Poems'.  … read more
KS5 | Poetry
Download Grace Nichols 'Epilogue' Worksheet in Word formatDownload Grace Nichols 'Epilogue' Worksheet in PDF format
'Island Man' by Grace Nichols
Introductory activity looking at the differences between island  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download 'Island Man' by Grace Nichols in Word formatDownload 'Island Man' by Grace Nichols in PDF format
'Hurricane Hits England'
 (1) | Preview
Questions, activities and written responses on this poem by Grace  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download 'Hurricane Hits England' in Word formatDownload 'Hurricane Hits England' in PDF format

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Making comparisons
AQA B - (ELLB1F) Anthology - Food Glorious Food

Text 22 - 'A Modest Proposal'
AQA B - (ELLB1F) Anthology - Food Glorious Food

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