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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Order by: 7 resources

Critical quotations
 (4) | Preview
A selection of critical quotations related to the text and giving  … read more
KS5 | Prose
Download Critical quotations  in Word formatDownload Critical quotations  in PDF format
Context, comparison and 'Frankenstein'
 (4) | Preview
An approach to exploring larger contextual issues in the novel  … read more
KS5 | Prose
Download Context, comparison and 'Frankenstein' in Word formatDownload Context, comparison and 'Frankenstein' in PDF format
Shocking times
 (5) | Preview
Research some of the leading scientists of the period as a way  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Shocking times in Word formatDownload Shocking times in PDF format
Sympathy for the creature
 (1) | Comments (1) | Preview
Analyse the ways in which Shelley encourages us to feel sympathy  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Sympathy for the creature in On-screen activity formatDownload Sympathy for the creature in Word formatDownload Sympathy for the creature in PDF format
Essay title and writing frame/guide
 (1) | Preview
A detailed writing frame and guide which could be used with able  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Essay title and writing frame/guide in Word formatDownload Essay title and writing frame/guide in PDF format
Handy Frankenstein quotes
 (1) | Preview
and some background info.  … read more
KS5 | Prose
Download Handy Frankenstein quotes in Word formatDownload Handy Frankenstein quotes in PDF format

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