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Journey's End by R.C. Sherriff

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Key quotations revision activity
Identify the quotations and analyse their significance. The Word  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Plays
Download Key quotations revision activity in PowerPoint formatDownload Key quotations revision activity in Word formatDownload Key quotations revision activity in PDF format
Ten essay titles
 (2) | Preview
A useful list of titles to accompany exam preparation - aimed  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Plays
Download Ten essay titles in Word formatDownload Ten essay titles in PDF format
Revision and extension tasks
Selection of seven post-reading tasks.  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Plays
Download Revision and extension tasks in Word formatDownload Revision and extension tasks in PDF format
Main themes
List of main themes with space for quotations and page refer  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Plays
Download Main themes in Word formatDownload Main themes in PDF format
Character profile
Simple sheet for recording basic information about character  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Plays
Download Character profile in Word formatDownload Character profile in PDF format
Interviewing Stanhope
 (1) | Preview
Simple but helpful template for an interview with this major  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Plays
Download Interviewing Stanhope in Word formatDownload Interviewing Stanhope in PDF format

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