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Welcome to the ICT in English area. Here you'll find a selection of Chris's favourite ICT friendly resources; we hope you enjoy browsing and gain some inspiration for your lessons. We'll keep the page regularly updated so check back for Chris's latest discoveries, whether they be blogs, websites or simply a good old fashioned 'top-tip'!

Meet Chris Warren

I taught English for 19 years and my specialism has always been the interactive stuff, using computers actively as an organic part of teaching. I have played a part in creating much of the interactive material on this site and continue to do so. Read on for my recommendations and resources ...

My resources

Digital skim reading

Digital skim reading

View the following videos for a quick guide to digital skim reading. 

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Disemvowelling a text

Disemvowelling a text

Watch the following video and learn how to disemvowel! 

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Latest tip/discovery

Stay alert!

To make your classroom interactions lively, with a sense of surprise and danger, use apps that pick pupils' names at random. The very best of these can be found on David Riley's website, which offers a free download. (The other units on his site are also pretty amazing!)


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Unabridged Shakespeare texts

Unabridged Shakespeare texts

This section contains versions of Shakespeare's plays especially adapted for activities that rely on frequency counts (how often a certain word appears), such as Wordle and Cruncher. The full versions have a cast list, stage directions and the margin names of characters. This distorts the results in frequency counts. The trimmed versions here consist solely of the characters' lines – Shakespeare's poetry – and they give a much truer impression of theme and meaning when submitted to frequency counting programs. The accompanying video illustrates the difference.

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Syntex activities

Opening words Magnet activities and Magnet sequencing activity

Choptalk activities 

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Other Teachit resources I like

The best ideas for using ICT in the classroom set you off on a journey of your own, or give you seeds that help you grow new ideas. Sometimes the application you come across isn't really inspiring, but with a little bit of imagination you find a way of using it that takes it to a new level. Have a look at the resources I've selected, and you'll see what I mean. 

Annotating pictures in Excel is a fantastic method for making annotation an interactive and engaging process. Also try making a screen shot of the text you want and you can use the same idea with a poem or piece of prose. 

Some ideas fall into the 'must-have' category. If your school routinely blocks Youtube try the resource Downloading video from Youtube – you can download the video so it is on your computer readily available for you to play anytime.