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Top 5s: topical, toptastic lesson ideas to see you through the school year!

Our Top 5 collections of resources started life as emails that we sent out to coincide with special events and times. We no longer send the emails, and from now on the collections will live here for you to access whenever you need them. We've removed most date-specific references to make them useful every year!

Getting to know your new classes
5 fab resources for a flying start to the new school year.

National Poetry Day 2014: Remember
5 unforgettable resources and ideas to celebrate this year's poetry day.

National Poetry Day 2013: Water
5 wet and watery ideas to encourage your students to pen some poetry.

National Poetry Day 2007: Dreams 
5 dreamy resources to explore with your pupils.

National Poetry Day 2006: Identity
5 top resources for exploring this year's theme of identity.

National Poetry Day 2005 The Future 
5 top resources for exploring and creating poetry.

Everybody Writes Day
5 fabulously creative whole school scribbling activities.

5 resources for Halloween fun.

More Halloween
5 spooky resources to help you bring a bit of the old Jack O’ Lantern/ pumpkin pie spirit to your classroom.

November 5th
5 top Teachit resources for November 5th.

5 festive activities for a Christmas countdown.

More Christmas
5 seasonal resources to see you through to the end of term.

New Year
5 get up and go resources.

More New Year
5 resolutionary resources to kick off the new year.

Burns Night
5 resources to toast the bard of Scotland.

National Storytelling Week
5 splendid resources for enjoying the art of storytelling.

St Valentine's Day
5 resources to get your heart racing. 

More St Valentine's Day
5 lessons in love to harness those hormones in your Feb 14th lessons.


World Book Day
5 resources to help you and your students celebrate World Book Day…again :)

World Book Day
5 resources to celebrate books and reading.

More World Book Day
5 bookish resources to help you celebrate World Book Day.

World Book Night 
5 further resources to celebrate books and reading

Shakespeare's birthday
5 Shakespearean resources, including a fantastic set of quotation posters.

Shakespeare's birthday ... again!
Celebrate good times. It's William's birthday!

Football crazy
5 resources for football lovers.

Midsummer's Day
5 dazzling resources - think druids, the summer solstice, fairly-like creatures and long, light evenings.

The Diamond Jubilee
5 royal resources to get the Diamond Jubilee celebrations going in your classroom. Long live the Queen!

The Olympics
5 resources with a ‘competitive’ theme. On your marks, get set, go!