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Prose essentials

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Beyond the grave - character obituary
 (1) | Preview
A useful guide and writing framework to help students explore  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Prose
Download Beyond the grave - character obituary in Word formatDownload Beyond the grave - character obituary in PDF format
Handy homework grid - novels
 (6) | Preview
This grid can be used for any novel and incorporates learning  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Handy homework grid - novels in Word formatDownload Handy homework grid - novels in PDF format
Ways into a text
 (2) | Preview
A series of open questions designed to get students thinking  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Ways into a text in Word formatDownload Ways into a text in PDF format
Analysing extracts
 (2) | Preview
A selection of short extracts from pre-1914 texts for students  … read more
KS4 | Prose
Download Analysing extracts  in Word formatDownload Analysing extracts  in PDF format
The seven basic plots
 (2) | Preview
A lovely resource which refers to Christopher Booker's theory  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download The seven basic plots in Word formatDownload The seven basic plots in PDF format
Thinking points
 (1) | Preview
Questions to help students start thinking about their choice  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Thinking points in Word formatDownload Thinking points in PDF format
Analysing short prose extracts
 (1) | Preview
A set of prompts to help students focus on relevant issues of  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Analysing short prose extracts in Word formatDownload Analysing short prose extracts in PDF format
Novel concepts
 (2) | Preview
An introduction to some key concepts for the study of the novel  … read more
KS4 KS5 | Prose
Download Novel concepts in Word formatDownload Novel concepts in PDF format

This way for:

Compare the pairs is an effective resource for starting character work on Great Expectations. The compare /contrast approach gives them a way to start to make a valid decision about a character and to make judgements they might not initally consider relevant." 

Ruth Newbury, English Teacher 


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