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Literacy across the curriculum posters

Think big picture

£14.99 for Teachit subscribers and key contributors
£19.99 for free members and non-members

Literacy is a bit of an Ofsted hot potato, but where to start?

Try a big picture approach with 10 beautifully designed posters, hand-picked for their simplicity, accessibility and relevance. They'll brighten up the dullest of classrooms and help your students to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. 

The technicalities

  • 10 full colour posters – 6 portrait and 4 landscape
  • dimensions: 500 x 707 mm (B2)
  • high quality (200 gsm) silk poster paper
  • shipped in strong cardboard tubes
  • postage and packing £4.95 (UK only)

Live outside the UK? We ship to you too! Just click here for overseas prices.

Want more than 1 set? See our order page for discounts.

Jolly up your classroom walls

With posters on reading, writing and spelling tips, common misspellings, apostrophes, paragraphing, punctuation, homophones, and connectives, we've got literacy covered.

Adorn your classroom walls with these winsome word posters, or take over the corridors for maximum impact.

and tackle the nuts and bolts of literacy


'Yay! Have just received my lusherillo posters. I'm very, very happy! The assessment posters are coming down to make way for these little beauties. Thank you very much indeed!'

Clare Riach (Second in department, Commonweal School, Swindon)


Literacy across the curriculum posters – place an order

Literacy across the curriculum posters


Teachit subscribers and key contributors

£14.99 for 10 posters

+ £4.95 p&p (UK delivery)

Non-members and free members

£19.99 for 10 posters

+ £4.95 p&p (UK delivery)