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Tony Harrison

Order by: 3 resources

Questions on 'Long Distance'
Questions for each stanza of the poem.  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download Questions on 'Long Distance' in Word formatDownload Questions on 'Long Distance' in PDF format
'Long Distance' by Tony Harrison
 (2) | Preview
Lesson plan and resources focusing on inference and interpre  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download 'Long Distance' by Tony Harrison in Word formatDownload 'Long Distance' by Tony Harrison in PDF format
Tony Harrison comprehension questions
 (1) | Preview
Questions on the poems from the WJEC GCSE anthology, useful for  … read more
KS4 | Poetry
Download Tony Harrison comprehension questions in Word formatDownload Tony Harrison comprehension questions in PDF format

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The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy (15 resources)

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (19 resources)

Wordsworth, William (7 resources)

World War I poetry (60 resources)

Writing for audience and purpose (13 resources)

Writing poetry (19 resources)

Writing to analyse, review, comment (5 resources)

Writing to argue, persuade, advise (57 resources)

Writing to inform, explain, describe (29 resources)

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (24 resources)

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