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Welcome to Trevor's
Poetry Place

The aim of the Poetry Place is to help with the teaching,
understanding and enjoyment of poetry.


By the way, what IS poetry? Is it anything that isn't prose? See: Thoughts masquerading as poems ...

What you can find in the Poetry Place:

NEW: Wider Reading suggestions for KS4 and 5

RECENT: Comparing poems by Matthew Sweeney and Ian Hamilton Finlay - see A level - but this may be useful for GCSE too.

The workshop has heaps of resources, including:

Help with A level poetry
Helpful approaches to GCSE poetry Creative ideas for KS3 (and KS2)
Lots of resources on poems and poets requested by YOU

Writer at work. Drop in to see what he’s up to at the moment and you can take a look at previous blogs on topics as varied as villanelles to poems in the style of ... Duffy, Armitage, Heaney etc.

The aim is to help you help your students by trying to make the writing process more transparent.

A place to share your poems and students’ poems. Our Poetry Doctor and Verse Nurse will help out with advice and comments.

Send your pupils’ poetry, please - to


FAQs and FEGs (frequently expressed gripes). How to react when students just ‘don’t get it’? How important are terms like ‘enjambment’? Is it really important to distinguish between similes and metaphors? And so on...

What is poetry? Why do people write it? What do poets say about poetry? All here. New discoveries added regularly.

Different ways of approaching poems, including ‘immersed poems’, found poems and hidden words.



Visit my publications page for a list of my poetry collections and some tips on where you can buy them.

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