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Trevor Millum, Teachit poet in residenceThe aim of the blog is to try to show the process of writing. It's a bit artificial because you can't reproduce all the thoughts and crossings out that take place either metaphorically or literally.   

However, it might help to show students that poems do not spring fully-formed onto the page. 

Previous blogs are archived: see the list at the right of the page.  Quite a few have been inspired by existing poems (by Edward Thomas, Duffy, Heaney, Armitage and others) and there are also villanelles, sonnets and lots of light verse.  I enjoy this - and it keeps me writing!

A Lie

Thursday, 21 May 2015 11:55:07

Thursday, 21 May 2015 11:55:07

Listening to something - I can't even recall what it was now - I had a thought about words as living things. I let my thoughts wander...

A lie
set free
like a fly
where will it settle 
where will it go 
will it mate
and reproduce
produce maggots
of untruth?

I must admit I liked 'maggots of untruth' when it occurred to me.  But does this have legs? (or wings?)  Is there any more to be said or is this it?  So many poems (and other writings) seem to go on past their Made Your Point Date. 


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