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Trevor Millum, Teachit poet in residenceThe aim of the blog is to try to show the process of writing. It's a bit artificial because you can't reproduce all the thoughts and crossings out that take place either metaphorically or literally.   

However, it might help to show students that poems do not spring fully-formed onto the page. 

Previous blogs are archived: see the list at the right of the page.  Quite a few have been inspired by existing poems (by Edward Thomas, Duffy, Heaney, Armitage and others) and there are also villanelles, sonnets and lots of light verse.  I enjoy this - and it keeps me writing!  Any comments welcome.


Autumn again

Thursday, 22 September 2016 15:30:26

Thursday, 22 September 2016 15:30:26
Guises led me straight to rises. It's satisfying when the word you want happens to rhyme...  

But nothing can hide the fact that the sun rises

and there has to be a run on line to complete the meaning:

Later every day and sets a little earlier.

But will I be able to rhyme with earlier?

Autumn again

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 16:21:11

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 16:21:11

Autumn has, unlike other seasons, a number of terms: as well as autumn we have the American 'fall' and the Lincolnshire (and probably Yorkshire and elsewhere 'back end' which is a very descriptive term.)  It can also have a number of guises - cold or warm, dry or wet...

Autumn, fall, back end: it comes in many guises;
A whole year sometimes within one season.
One week it's sizzling, next one it's freezing

I like the rhyme of freezing with season. Another poem about autumn is pushing my luck so I at least need to avoid the obvious.. 


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