Teachit Timer

Updated Teachit Timer - a free gift for all visitors

Launch Teachit TimerTeachit TimerEveryone needs a clock sometimes in class. The Teachit Timer can be used on screen or projected - and it's been especially created to manage timed activities during a lesson.

You can say to your class: 'I'm giving you seven minutes for this!' The clock and timer display will show how much time's been used, how much time is left, and, if you want it to, even sound a warning when there are a few seconds remaining.

NEW - you can now choose your final alert sound - a whistle, gong, dog barking ... and more ...

Download Teachit Timer* to your desktop for use at any time, whether online or not

Download Teachit Timer as a zip file. In order to run Teachit Timer you will first need to extract it from the zip file. Launch Teachit Timer




“If you have a noisy class, or a noisy activity taking place and you need to get students’ attention in a hurry, this a great way to do it. It always works and the students are shocked enough to stop talking for long enough for you to speak to them. Ensure your speakers are plugged in and the volume is up good and loud. Set the timer for 20 seconds; turn the final whistle on and the alerts off. Click the first green arrow to see the timer, and the second one to start it. Minimise it or just make sure no-one can see your computer screen, then – hey presto – twenty seconds later, you have everybody’s full attention! Genius device, this!”

Louisa Murphy, Dawlish Community College, Devon.

“Teachit Timer really is a powerful tool. Starters and plenaries have now become what they should be. No more does the starter take up half the lesson or is the plenary a hurried exercise shoe-horned into the dying seconds! Teachit Timer is invaluable to managing effectively the progress and development of each lesson.”

John Cundill, South Molton Community College.

* Downloads as a zip file. In order to run Teachit Timer you will first need to extract it from the zip file.