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A big birthday ...!

Shakespeare celebrates his 450th birthday this month (hasn’t he aged well?!). To help the celebrations go off with a bang we’ve highlighted a selection of Shakespeare-related resources, email newsletters and teaching ideas.


Lindy Leslie
Resource editor


Francis Gilbert's Shakespeare emails

20 teaching ideas for Shakespeare

A versatile masks resource

Francis Gilbert

Our series of email newsletters and resources written by Francis Gilbert (English teacher, commentator and journalist) has been hugely popular. From introducing Shakespeare to translating Shakespeare for a modern audience there are ideas, tips and focused activities to help your students get to grips with the Bard’s work.

Keep an eye out for a re-run of the emails throughout April. And do check that you're signed up to receive our newsletters (see the newsletter options under the MyTeachit menu item).


20 teaching ideas for Shakespeare

20 teaching ideas for Shakespeare is a handy resource to have up your sleeve. Offering practical and creative ideas, such as puppet shows and sound circles, the activities are flexible enough to use for whichever play you're teaching.

Masks resource

Our masks template is versatile enough to be used across all key stages and open enough to work in conjunction with any Shakespeare play. It’s ideal for introducing students to key characters, consolidating existing knowledge, or for revision purposes.

Read the latest Teaching English article for more creative ideas on how to use this resource.

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Latest resources

Latest resources

Supersize your sentences!
Grammar - word classes

Speed-dating with the squire
Canterbury Tales

A letter from Gerald Croft
An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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