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Welcome to Teachit's library of English teaching resources

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'When in doubt, go to the library' – J K Rowling

Poetry day resources

By now your new KS3 curriculum is likely to be staple reading for you, so you'll know that reading for pleasure tops the list. There's no better excuse for trying one of our reading challenges - and choosing more suitable bedtime reading for yourself!

Helen Stacey

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Fiction activities

Set the bar high with this list of interesting challenges to engage with texts. Hang fire with a tight deadline for this one!

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Genre cards

This is a versatile set of cards featuring well-known titles, blurbs and genres. It's perfect for widening students' awareness of some popular reads.

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Recipe for reading

Give your students a project that gets them reading a fiction and a non-fiction text, then pitching their results on a cereal box against the rest of the class.

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