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The Training Ground - resources and tips for trainees and NQTsThe Training Ground

For trainees and NQTs


We remember how it feels to be the new teacher on the block – and so we’ve designed a place for English trainees and NQTs to call their own.

Essentials for perfect planning – what makes the perfect lesson and how should it be assessed? Plus ideas for starters, mains and puddings ... no, sorry, plenaries

Resources – our bank of trainee and NQT-friendly teaching materials

School placements – who does what for you in school to help you become the best teacher you can be

Passing the course – advice on gathering evidence and on working at Master's level

Plus jargon-busting glossaries, a comprehensive reading list, and more!

The Language Sputnik - for Teachit Language membersThe Language Sputnik



Sputnik is having a well deserved rest but you'll find most of the content – and more – on our Language pages. Come and have a look! 

The Word KitchenThe Word Kitchen

Novel approaches for English and ICT

The Word Kitchen has gone into retirement. But fear not, we have a new ICT in English area where you can find all of Chris Warren's resources and more.

See you there!

The Subject Leaders' Sanctuary

The Subject Leaders’ Sanctuary

The Subject Leader’s Sanctuary page has been put to bed for the time being. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page over time. We hope you have enjoyed the content.