Romeo and Juliet

Active teaching approaches

Our DVD pack for Romeo and Juliet has video material, lesson plans and a range of other resources to support you in engaging students and getting them involved in the play:

  • general advice on teaching Shakespeare at KS3
  • video clips exploring the play in performance
  • lesson plans and resources, including whizzy activities
  • suggestions for drama approaches to teaching Shakespeare
  • support for assessing Shakespeare at KS3.

The pack was originally devised for the 2009 set sections and includes detailed exploration of those scenes.  Fortunately, it hadn’t yet gone to press when the cancellation of the SATs was announced!  We’ve now adapted the original version, introducing new material to broaden its scope.  The resulting pack ranges across the whole play, includes advice on outcomes and assessment and, while aimed at KS3, is also relevant to KS4.

The lessons are by Teachit contributors and have been written with the classroom firmly in mind.  The emphasis throughout is on active, drama approaches, but wherever activities require plenty of space, practical 'in your seat' alternatives are suggested.  The DVD provides invaluable illustrations of ‘on your feet’ approaches – and/or you can show students the video clips to help them explore the play in performance. There's something for everyone.

The DVD is directed by Richard Durant, who also produced Shaking Shakespeare and who wrote the activities sections for the latest Heinemann editions of The Tempest, Much Ado about Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. He is also one of Teachit's most prolific contributors.

All the written materials in the pack are included on the CD. A photocopiable booklet is available as an optional extra for anyone who'd like a printed version of these materials.

Romeo and Juliet KS3 pack

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