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Welcome to the heart of Teachit! – a huge, ever-growing collection of practical, tried and tested resources created by Englishteachers for English teachers. We keep our libraries fresh by publishing a selection of new resources every week. Take a sneaky peek at our New resources page if you're after something new!

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Teaching packs

Psst, if you're looking for Key Stage 2 resources or any other resources for teaching literacy at primary level, then take a look at Teachit Primary, a sister site to Teachit, created by and for primary teachers.

Teachit and Teachit Primary are separate sites, so if you've registered free on Teachit please note that you'll need to do so again on Teachit Primary.

If you’re a primary or middle school Teachit member and you’d like a free membership for Teachit Primary, email or call us on 01225 788850.