VLEs (Virtual learning environments)

Take advantage of our VLE download facility – for all Teachit.works department subscribers


VLESo ... you have your VLE. What to do about content? In theory, VLE's are driven by a collaborative, sharing ethos. The concept is that even if the VLE starts off completely empty, teachers will quickly fill it up with resources. But how, and why? Rather than buying special content that could well end up ‘on the shelf’, shouldn't you be able to add just those resources that you know, trust and will actually use?

Here's our solution! With Teachit.works subscription you can now browse for ‘must have’ resources and export them into your school’s VLE, where they’ll automatically and magically be filed and sorted! Put more technically, our VLE import service lets you create a fully SCORM-compliant zipped folder of resources, ready for import into most brands of VLE.

Hurrah! Huzzah! Hallelujah!

A Teachit.works subscription comes with a wealth of additional benefits, including adaptable resources, classroom-ready activities for interactive whiteboards and our unique whizzy things. Find out more about a Teachit.works department subscription.

For VLE administrators and/or ICT technicians

More about how our VLE service works in practice

All our Teachit.works departments have access to their own area of the site, My Teachit. With one click, they can save any Teachit resource to this area. These resources can then be organised into folders and shared with students (who have their own login) and/or the rest of the English department.

So … the English department will place all the resources they want for the VLE into a folder in My Teachit. They can then zip this folder (again, with one click), save it to the school network and it’s ready for you to import. The system works with most Learning Platforms and is fully SCORM-compliant.

But don’t just take our word for it – give it a go! Here’s a zipped folder with a dozen favourite Teachit resources, ready for you to put to the test.

Download our ready-zipped folder of favourite Teachit resources

Any questions? Please email support@teachit.co.uk or call us on 01225 788850.

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