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Key Stage 5 English Lang/Lit 


KS5 Lang/Lit

Here you'll find a selection of resources focusing on a range of specifications. Please don't think that's all we've got! For heaps of other relevant Lang/Lit resources, please see our separate Language and Literature libraries.  

Planning and assessment 

Here you'll find the nuts and bolts of English teaching ... these are essential creative resources, planning, marking, assessment and display materials. 

AQA A Lang/Lit - (ELLA1) Integrated analysis and text production (6)

AQA A Lang/Lit - (ELLA3) Comparative analysis and text adaptation (14)

AQA A Lang/Lit exam preparation (1)

AQA B Lang/Lit - (ELLB1F) Anthology - Food Glorious Food (25)

AQA B Lang/Lit - (ELLB3) Talk in Life and Literature (5)

AQA B Lang/Lit Anthology - Travel, Transport and Locomotion (legacy) (29)

AQA B Lang/Lit exam preparation (5)

WJEC Lang/Lit Critical Reading of Literary and Non-Literary Texts (LL1) (6)

WJEC Lang/Lit exam preparation (1)

WJEC Lang/Lit Poetry Anthology (2009 onwards) (2)

WJEC Lang/Lit Poetry Anthology (pre-2009) (4)

New KS5 resources

Students always enjoy anything with the word quiz in it and Text 26 multiple choice quiz doesn't disappoint. Put students into groups and allow them to discuss the three possible answers to these 14 open questions." 

Emma Litterick, Teaching and Learning Coordinator 


Latest resources

Latest resources

Text 1 - 'The Butcher's Shop'
AQA B Lang/Lit - (ELLB1F) Anthology - Food Glorious Food

'Still I Rise' - group work tasks
Angelou, Maya

Introducing 'Adlestrop'
Thomas, Edward

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