Interactive resources

We've gathered together all our interactive resources and games in one big interactive sweetshop. Here they are!

For a flavour, try some of the free sample activities below. As a subscriber, you can create and save your own interactive games and activities, or choose from hundreds of classroom-ready interactives and adapt them to suit your classes. Simply look for the interactive icon Interactive whizzy activity as you browse our resource libraries.



Classroom classics
Make your own interactives in a twinkling ...

Make your own interactive, flippable magnetic tiles.


Create your own interactive tiles to match words, ideas or quotes.


Create your own interactive activity to put ideas in order.


Make your own game of interactive Snap.


Create your own quick-fire quizzes and questionnaires.

Yes No

Make your own interactive role play and questionnaires.


Create your own set of classroom timings.

Teachit Timer – free to all

Word games
Have fun with language ...

Race to find the hidden word.


Make your own quick-fire interactive game of Hangman.


A fast paced word challenge game.


Exploring text 
Explore, experiment and create your own ...

Make your own word jigsaw puzzles.


Explore texts creatively.


Create your own interactive activities to explore syntax.


Make poetry writing fun and accessible.

Haiku Whiz

Inspire creative writing.

Title Whiz

Make silly sentences to learn about syntax.

Weird Whiz

Shakespearian insults in a jiffy!

Insult Whiz

Insults on the move - Shakespearian style!

Insult Whiz iPhone app

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