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Take Cover
KS3 English cover lessons pack

Insure your whole department

No teacher can be there all the time. Courses, trips and off-timetable events are part and parcel of school life – and anyone can get ill. Ever dreamed that the work would (almost) take care of itself? Take Cover is Teachit’s answer.

No more scribbling instructions while your temperature soars. No more desperate rummaging through textbooks at 8.25 am. Our photocopiable pack provides you with everything you need for meaningful, accessible cover lessons at KS3.

An organised approach

  • 36 stand-alone lessons, created specifically for the purpose
  • four project-based units for longer-term cover needs
  • a selection of the best ‘one-offs’ from Teachit
  • teacher sheets for cover teachers
  • clear, student-friendly instructions and worksheets
  • grids and tick sheets to help you keep track of work set.

Flexible and realistic 

The pack is organised according to the strands and substrands of the new Framework to help you match work to your classes, and we’ve noted the level of ‘teacher input’ required throughout. Lessons are by Teachit contributors, so they’re realistic, practical and based on a wide range of engaging topics.

Online access for all

Every English department that buys Take Cover will have access to an online digital version – so you’ll be able to find the cover work you need quickly and easily, even if you’re out of school.

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Order both Take Cover packs and save 20%

Buy Take KS4 Cover and Take Cover (KS3) and you’ll receive a 20% discount off the total price. Unfortunately we can’t offer you the facility to order the bundle on-line yet. Please download an order form to complete, and send it back to us by fax, post or email.

For more information, please email or call us on 01225 788850.