Teachit in-school training

Twilight training is available in a twinkling! If you'd like a twilight training session from our expert, Chris Warren, he will provide a course tailored to the needs of your department and school. Courses have plenty of practical and hands-on content that will help you take your own resources and create useful and complete interactive whiteboard activities from them. Please email training@teachit.co.uk for more information.

Our experts in your classroom

We'd love to spend a day with you in your classroom! Our experts can provide useful follow up from the Teachit training session and in-class support. They'll help you to plan ICT based lessons for the day, use your whiteboard more effectively and integrate ICT into daily teaching, realising the full potential of laptops and interactive whiteboards.

Find out more

To find out more about Teachit training call us on 01225 788850 or email training@teachit.co.uk with your requirements/enquiries.

The training was hands-on and made clear how ICT could produce engaging, challenging and interactive resources to appeal to students of all ages and levels.
Sonny Perez, Head of English, Dawlish Community College
Thanks so much for your inspirational session. It’s great to go along to a session like that where you come out feeling as if someone has turned the lights on for you and you can now see a whole stretch of road ahead which wasn’t visible before. It doesn’t happen often!
Bill Foster