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Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle

Order by: 3 resources

Authority and rules
Students identify the different sources of authority in the novel  … read more
KS4 | Prose
Download Authority and rules in Word formatDownload documentDownload Authority and rules in PDF format
Story questions quiz
A useful revision tool, based on a classic game show format.  … read more
KS4 | Prose
Download Story questions quiz  in Word formatDownload Story questions quiz  in On-screen activity formatDownload Story questions quiz  in PDF format
Domestic abuse
What is domestic abuse? What forms can it take? How does it manifest  … read more
KS4 | Prose
Download Domestic abuse in Word formatDownload Domestic abuse in On-screen activity formatDownload Domestic abuse in On-screen activity formatDownload Domestic abuse in PDF format

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