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Key Stage 5 English Literature resource library

New KS5 resources

I highly recommend Tracking the tales for Carter’s short story collection, The Bloody Chamber. Carter can sometimes appear extremely dense for students and I think is a super way to ensure the basics are secured.

Keziah Featherstone, Assistant Headteacher


Key Stage 5 English Literature

You'll find resources for many of the set texts in this library, and some geared towards specific exam boards too. Our extensive Shakespeare resource collections continue to grow, and there are plenty of 'skills' resources covering introductions to writers and their times, literary criticism, essay writing and thinking and discussion skills too.

Interactive resources

If your Key Stage 5 learners need a break from the challenge of text deconstruction and philosophising, then why not inject their lessons with some interactive flair? Our whizzy things are adaptable and saveable, and may well adapt and save your lessons too! For subscribers.

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Latest resources

Latest resources

An unseen poem: 'The Crow' by John Clare
Clare, John | Unseen poetry

Exploring 'Storm on the Island'
GCSE 2015 Anthology poetry | Heaney, Seamus

Haiku puzzles
An introduction to poetry

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