It's raining cats and dogs!

Everyone knows 'It's raining cats and dogs', but what about all those other expressions involving animals? A lovely visual resource which has students drawing pictures to illustrate the idioms. There are two interactive activities: a Magnet activity based on the Catchphrase TV show, revealing an image behind literary features, and a Matching activity pairing up idioms with their meanings.          

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Jackie GibbJackie Gibb
My daughter (age 14) has Aspergers and is home schooled. She thinks literally and finds idioms difficult to understand. This worksheet was excellent as it allowed her to express her own understanding of each expression in pictures (she loves drawing) before we went on to explore the actual meanings. I have since used the concept to help her understand a whole range of idioms. It made learning fun and we both got a lot out of it. Would recommend to other parents of children with Aspergers.
Melanie HendersonMelanie Henderson
Excellent resource, thank you!

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