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The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. Higgins

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Joe Zabbidou
Character focus on Joe Zabbidou from the perspective of one  … read more
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KS3 | Prose
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Thinking about secrets.  … read more
KS3 | Prose
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Chapter 1
Predictions, questions and focus on authorial intent.  … read more
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KS3 | Prose
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News reporting
Creative writing task for the 'Parvian Gazette'. Includes brief  … read more
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KS3 | Prose
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Reviewing: essential information
Focus on structuring a review research task.  … read more
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KS3 | Prose
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Reviewing vocabulary
Two card sort activities to support students with writing a review  … read more
KS3 | Prose
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My confession
Confess your secret to Joe Zabbidou and his Black Book...  … read more
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KS3 | Prose
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Joe's wooden leg
What is the story behind the leg? Creative writing task.  … read more
KS3 | Prose
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Who's who? Read the descriptions and match them to the characters  … read more
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KS3 | Prose
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Chapter 6: analysing a description
Thinking about Pagus Parvus. Focus on the intricacies of the  … read more
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KS3 | Prose
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Drama activities
A set of useful and interesting activities based on the conclusion  … read more
KS3 | Prose
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This way for:

Buddy’s letter provides an opportunity for students to redraft and edit a letter by hand. It is always interesting to note the empathy that some of the students have for Buddy, and this can come across as a desire to ‘punish’ Buddy’s mother."  

Fran Nantongwe, Literacy and English Lead


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