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Key Stage 4 Spoken Language resources

Indulge your students' desire to chat constantly with our excellent selection of spoken language resources!  There's a wide selection of resources here, reflecting the exam boards' wide coverage of this aspect of the curriculum.

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Speaking and listening

Are you looking for speaking and listening resources? They're stored safely in Speaking and listening tasks, and range from warm-ups to complete lesson ideas. Our Drama games might be of interest too.

Edexcel Unit 3 spoken language CD-rom materials (9 resources)

Introducing spoken language study (14 resources)

Investigating personal talk (8 resources)

Multi-modal talk (10 resources)

Occupational talk (3 resources)

Spoken language genres (2 resources)

This way for:

With Fanatical about Facebook updates? students explore spoken language using a medium with which they are all too familiar. This can lead to some stimulating debates about the power of viral marketing and networking.  

Harmeet Kaur Matharu, Assistant Subject Leader 


Latest resources

Latest resources

An unseen poem: 'The Crow' by John Clare
Clare, John | Unseen poetry

Exploring 'Storm on the Island'
GCSE 2015 Anthology poetry | Seamus Heaney - GCSE

Haiku puzzles
An introduction to poetry

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