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With a Teachit.works subscription, you’ll get the lot – all the benefits of a Teachit.plus subscription with plenty of perks on top …

As a Teachit.works individual you can ...

Adapt, tweak and tailor resources

As a Teachit.works subscriber, you’ll have access to absolutely all of our resources! This means that you really can take something and differentiate it to suit whole classes or individuals.

Try some free samples:

Free sample Word: Character representation

Free sample PowerPoint: Descriptive writing starter

Free sample Publisher: English literature learning mat


teaching packs

Save precious planning time

As a subscriber you will have full access to all of our teaching packs (worth £10 each). Our teaching packs offer more in terms of structure than our stand-alone resources. Each compilation pack contains a ‘route through’ a topic, text or key curriculum area along with links to and copies of resources (both old favourites and brand new ones) – all incorporated within one easy to save, download and print pack.


Work your whiteboard!

Our libraries contain a range of resources created using SMART Board and Promethean software. We’ve inserted the images and the drag’n’drop elements so you don’t have to! You’ll also gain access to our lovely collection of user-friendly, interactive PowerPoints. All of these whiteboard-friendly resources are ready for you to use instantly or to adjust as you see fit, depending on ability level or topic.

Try some free samples:

Free sample Promethean: All themes are equal ...

Free sample SMART Notebook: Connect four

Free sample Crick: Poetry A to Z


Access our interactive resources

As a Teachit.works subscriber, you gain access to our wonderful Whizzy things so you can create and save your own interactive activities and games. Alternatively (or in addition!) you can choose from hundreds of classroom-ready interactives and adapt these to suit your classes and students.

Our interactive collection allows for almost every eventuality! Want to make a snappy starter, plenary or learning check? Then our Snap, Sequencing, or Matching interactives are just the thing. Putting together a quiz or questionnaire? Choices or Yes No will help you out. It’s dominoes you want … Or a timeline complete with snazzy background? No problem, Magnet’s up to the job.

And then there are the games! Rush to find the hidden word in Anagram or race to make the longest word in Scramble (based on that timeless TV classic, Countdown). Alternatively, for those Friday graveyard shifts, there’s also a Teachit version of Hangman, complete with popping balloons and (crestfallen) sinking man.

And there’s more to be had! The above list certainly isn’t exhaustive – we really do have hundreds (and hundreds) of interactives … far too many to mention here!

Interactive video

Video guided tour - Whizzy things in action!

For more on how you can create, adapt and save your own interactive resources, simply take a look at our video.

Store it all securely in My Teachit

My Teachit is your ultimate organisational tool which allows you to store of all your favourite resources from Teachit (or elsewhere) in one place. And this doesn’t just apply to paper-based resources! Once you’ve finished adapting or making your own interactives, just pop them into My Teachit to access again and again, without ever needing to reach for your memory stick.

Get personalised support

If you’d like a personal tour of Teachit.works and the interactive resources or how to make the most of your subscription, we’re here to help! To arrange this, email: becky@teachit.co.uk

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