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New school year, new stationery!

Neat stacks of exercise books, full sets of spare pens and – while they last – enough intact sticks of glue for everyone in the room. Now let the planning begin! We’ve picked some resources for the new school year so you can stay in the stationery cupboard and enjoy the full supplies just a little bit longer.

Poetry day resources

Helen Stacey

Teaching packs

If you’ve been caught short and there’s no time left for crucial planning, then refresh or replace existing schemes of work with one of our teaching packs. Save, download and print one now!

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Whose bag is it?

Get to know your new classes with a speaking and listening task. Ask them to fill their bag with items from their holiday, then swap and discuss with a partner, group or whole class.

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This resource gets students talking about their positive experiences of books and reading. It’s a great way to enthuse your students about the virtues of reading from term one. 

'20 teaching ideas for…'

Need inspiration? Our ’20 teaching ideas for…’ series is designed to kick start your cogs. Topics include teaching EAL or dyslexic students, homework, starters and much more besides.

David Crystal's grammar posters

Start your grammar journey

From just £19.99 for 10 posters

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Latest resources

Latest resources

Spelling: ... ence or ... ance?

All about Orlando
As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Text 9 - Mail Online
AQA B Lang/Lit - (ELLB1F) Anthology - Food Glorious Food

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