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New Poetry Specifications - a personal response
KS3 Creative writing
A Level Help

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GCSE Help: All the poems in Bold feature in one of the new specifications and those at the top of the list are the most recently added.

General help and advice:

Wider Reading 

An Epitaph as an Unseen

Having a Go at the Unseen

Having an opinion



Revising themes

Revision - Getting back to the text

Poetry of Place

Making Comparisons 1

Making Comparisons 2

Active Approaches

The Poems:

She Walks in Beauty


next to of course god america i

The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form Team


Eden Rock

Stewart Island

The Sorrow of True Love

Winter Swans

The Farmer's Bride

Storm on the Island

'How Do I Love Thee?' revisited

'Romney Marsh'

'The Man He Killed'

'Before You Were Mine'


'Cold Knap Lake'

'Cousin Kate'


'How Do I Love Thee?'


'My Last Duchess'

Love after Love

Presents from my Aunt


'Shall I Compare Thee...?'

'Upon Westminster Bridge'

'Dulce et Decorum est'

'The Sentry' and 'Soldier'


'On My First Sonne'

'To His Coy Mistress'



Crunching Hardy and Rossetti

ex-AQA anthology

ex-OCR Poetry

ex-WJEC Poetry Collection

ex-Edexcel anthology

Edexcel - Taking a Stand

'The Affliction of Margaret'

The Eagle

'The Song of the Old Mother'


Reactions to Kipling's 'If'

Viewpoints and comparisons: Song to the Men of England


Clarke, Gillian - 'My Box'


'My parents kept me from children who were rough'

Poetry of Place: Taj Mahal




Writing about Place / Line Breaks

Praise Song - Macleod's Lilt

Secret Life of Poems

Victoria Nicola liked to eat...

Holy Island - Andrew Motion

Uphill - Rossetti

Heroes and Villains


Norman MacCaig

More Raps from Wrappers

Writing a Rap

Paper Cuts technique

How personal, how public? Poets writing autobiographically.

Poetry generators

Extended Metaphor

Interiors, exteriors:- MacNiece, Frost, Finlay

Another take on Animal Poems


Rain - a theme

Seduced by words: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Never Mind the Meaning, Feel the Words!


Poems from Unexpected Places

Bullying - students' poems

Highwaymen & other robbers

Using Song Lyrics


KS3 Ideas

Heroes and Villains

More Raps from Wrappers

Writing a Rap

Do Frameworks Work?

Crossword Poetry

You Are Old, Father William


Poetry in the Everyday



Poems from Unexpected Places



Concrete Poetry


What is a Sonnet?

Clare: Summer Sonnet


'Shall I Compare Thee...?'

'Upon Westminster Bridge'

'Time Does Not Bring Relief...'

War Poetry: Patriotic vs Realistic

A level students are expected to read widely so you will find other sections of the Workshop useful too. 

Mail me at if there are particular poems for which you would like suggestions.

A Level Help

Wider Reading

Comparing Sweeney and Hamilton Finlay

Browning's Monologues

Interiors, exteriors:- MacNiece, Frost, Finlay

William Collins

Christina Rossetti

'The North Ship' - Larkin

Thomas Hardy

Compare and contrast: George Barker and Coventry Patmore

More Thomas Hardy

Auden: 'As I Walked Out One Evening'

Auden: Miss Gee and Oh What is that Sound?

Frost, Robert

Robert Graves

R S Thomas

Elizabeth Jennings

Herrick: 'Delight in Disorder'

Pugh and Duffy

A little Blake

John Donne: 'The Broken Heart'

Lawrence's 'Piano'

Shelley - 'An Exhortation'

Shelley - 'Mutability'

Tennyson - 'Come into the Garden, Maud'

Tennyson - 'Merlin and Vivien'

Tennyson - poems from 'In Memoriam'

'The Miller's Tale'

'The Passionate Shepherd'

'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'

'The World's Wife'


Archived blogs

   [OPEN/CLOSE]  Parodies and homages

   [OPEN/CLOSE]  Topics and themes

   [OPEN/CLOSE]  How to...

   [OPEN/CLOSE]  Sonnets

   [OPEN/CLOSE]  Different types of poem


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