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Planning and assessment resources

This is the place for getting really organised! Here you'll find essential planning, marking, assessment and display materials. Our Resource templates and Revision resources are home to versatile and creative resources that you'll find you can reuse again and again, whatever you're teaching!

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Resource templates

Take the pain out of planning with our super duper templates. Masks, snakes and ladders, inference rectangles and top trumps are just some of the gems in this library!

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Revision resources 

Revision really can involve a lot of fun – and even if time's short, you'll find an eclectic mix here, from classic recall and display activities to jelly babies and lego!


20 teaching ideas for ... (23 resources)

Assessment and targets (19 resources)

Creative revision (16 resources)

Display (6 resources)

Making the most of ICT (11 resources)

Marking and Reports (2 resources)

National Curriculum attainment levels (5 resources)

Observation, advice and teaching tips (7 resources)

Planning aids (12 resources)

Resource templates (32 resources)

Resources for communicating with parents / carers (2 resources)

Revision templates (6 resources)

SMART Notebook templates (7 resources)


This way for:

I've used the Play production template for a number of texts to get students thinking about how they would use the visual elements of a performance to enhance an author's intentions for a scene, chapter, stanza or paragraph

Holly Gocoul, English Teacher 



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Latest resources

Latest resources

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Clare, John | Unseen poetry

Exploring 'Storm on the Island'
GCSE 2015 Anthology poetry | Seamus Heaney - GCSE

Haiku puzzles
An introduction to poetry

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