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 Drama Schemes of Work (KS3) - gipsy queen 28/07/2004
Please help! I have to write schemes of work for years 7-9 over the summer (or face castigation in September). I am the only specialist in a department of 4, and have been ordered to produce scemes of work for non-specialists to access and teach. If anyone has ideas, resources or (fingers crossed!) scemes of work that they would be willing to share, I would be eternally grateful. In return, I would be so very, very grateful - will send off anything that I have (English or Drama) that is of interest... If you can help, please e-mail me at:

 Re:Drama Schemes of Work (KS3) - John 29/07/2004
Have you checked the resources on this site? Unfortunately I don't have access to our schemes of work at present - not that they're that great!! - but I should be able to help in September. What about "Drama Structures" - some good ideas there.

 Re:Drama Schemes of Work (KS3) - gipsy 30/07/2004
Thanks for responding, John! I have already scavenged as much as I can from this site, and I have also recently found the Arts Council publication which sets out levels for Drama (v.useful). I have now gathered all the tests etc that I have, and must now just sit down and get on with it! Having said that, if anyone does have a good scheme of work (or just a collection of ideas) then please send it my way. Thanks ;)

 Re:Drama Schemes of Work (KS3) - John 01/08/2004
See if you can get hold of "Progression in Secondary Drama" by Andy Kempe and Marigold Ashwell (published by Heinemann). An excellent book with some great ideas and lessons. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!

 Re:Drama Schemes of Work (KS3) - Ange 01/08/2004
I have got a few really great schemes of work (they reaaly work, sets 5 and 6 = perfect behaviour). If you want get in touch via Email you can have them.

 Re:Re:Drama Schemes of Work (KS3) - Jenny Brierley 22/04/2005
Dear Ange I'm not sure if you can help me but I start my NQT year in September and have been told that I will be taking KS3 Drama. I'm terrified, I have no drama training at all, the school has no schemes of work, and I am not sure where to begin. If you can help me at all I would be eternally grateful. Yours hopefully Jenny

 Re:Drama Schemes of Work (KS3) - lascaux26 24/04/2005
Hello Terrified NQT (JOIN THE CLUB!!) First thing you must do in order to feel you are in easy contact with drama specialists, is to join the Yahoo group drama_uk NOT drama _teachers_uk (which isn't so active and buzzy) YOu will find lots of help and all the message threads come to your inbox. Lots of it will be over your head (abstruse stuff about A level marking, which I presume YOU don't need) but there are lots of other brillliant ideas and conversations. Plus some resources. GOod luck.

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