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The official Everybody Writes Day this year is 21st October, which makes a great excuse for some fabulously creative whole school scribbling events. Whether you stage a crime scene in the corridor, play at cross-curricular pirates or invite a published author for inspiration, getting everyone to put pen to paper is the aim of the day. Below are a few approaches and resources to encourage and engage even your most reluctant writers.

1. A vampire hunter's guidebook
First it was Dracula, then Buffy, and now Twilight ... whether you're in the fang fixation gang, or think it's all a pain in the neck, the worldwide thirst for creatures of the night continues. Still, as the saying goes 'If you can't get a stake through their heart, might as well take part.' Run a day of the undead and create vampire timelines, recipes, poems and these rather gruesome guidebooks.
KS3 > Plays > Dracula (Oxford Classic Playscripts)

2. Scheme of work - murder mystery
Invite the local constabulary to help you set up a crime scene on the school site. Ask them, or willing staff members, to patrol the area at break time and encourage students to solve the mystery. Opportunities for cross-curricular writing abound, from forensic investigations in science, to making maps of the area in humanities, writing newspaper reports in English (and other languages!) and devising this murder mystery in Drama.
KS3 | KS4 > Plays > Murder mystery Drama unit

3. High School Musical hits the UK!
Transform your students from Wildcat wannabes to shining stars with a whole school musical event. Invite them to apply for roles as sound engineers, runners and singers then set them to work designing promotional material, scripts and song lyrics for their show.
KS3 > Skills > Writing to argue, persuade, advise

4. Cuboid story prompt
How about using this original resource as inspiration to create around twenty supersize story cuboids? You could place these around the corridors and classrooms and challenge students to find and write about each idea-prompting box throughout the day.
KS4 > Skills > Creative writing 2 (KS4)

5. A pirate's life homework project
Go for a full-on, fancy dress swashbuckling day of writing adventure (high seas optional). The piratical writing tasks here should be treasure enough to avoid any sort of mutiny.
KS3 > Skills > Creative writing 1 (KS3)


Everybody Writes Day

Click on the logo and go to the Booktrust's Everybody Writes website for further project ideas, games and a free planning guide.


Whether you decide to go wild, or keep it safe and sane, enjoy your day and make sure that everybody writes!

Alison Powell
Resource Editor