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Published: 18/07/2016
KS4 | Modern World studies | Modern World: 1900-present
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Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

The terms of Versailles are given as a useful handout. There are questions and students can complete speech bubbles to summarise German reactions and the feelings of the Big Three.

Extract from the resource

Read through the terms of the Treaty of Versailles

  1. Which punishment do you think would affect Germany the most:
    1. loss of land
    2. military restrictions
    3. war guilt
    4. reparations?

Write a justification for your answer.

  1. On the worksheet draw an ‘average’ German person.  In the speech-bubble, write down how you feel about the Treaty of Versailles.
  2. Thinking back to the aims of each of the Big Three, consider how satisfied you think each leader was with the Treaty of Versailles. 
    1. Which specific terms would they like the most? 
    2. Which terms would they be unsatisfied with? 

In the speech-bubbles summarise the views of each leader.

Which leader do you think was the most satisfied with the Treaty?  Explain your answer.


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