Homework activities for year 7 Homework activities for year 7

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Homework activities for year 7

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Designed to save you time, Homework activities for year 7 ensures you have all the homework tasks you need for year 7 in one place.

The pack is divided into topics: the Norman Conquest, the Middle Ages, the Black Death, the power of monarchs, the silk roads, the Mughal Empire and the Mali Empire. Each topic features six tasks that each focus on a different skill: spellings, story, specifics sources, scholarship and select.

The tasks are varied and each is one-page long, making them easy to photocopy.

Key features:

  • 42 homework tasks focusing on key skills
  • Guidance for peer and self-assessment
  • Answers included

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Sarah Alexander
Sarah Alexander
A good variety of homework assignments for Year 7; I look forward to using some of these in September. I like the individual scorecard as this also acts as a record of work completed and what may have been missed.
Posted on 17th August 2020
Anke Goldberg
Anke Goldberg
I teach class 7 and i am always happy to offer something different than our student's book.
Posted on 16th July 2020


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