Transition resources

Shape your new starters into budding historians with these resources, selected to ease the transition from primary to secondary.

Getting to know you

Activities to find out more about each other and:

  • learn names
  • get to know faces.

What is History?

Introduce the core concepts of our brilliant subject. Activities include:

  • games
  • puzzles.

Source skills

Get off on the right foot with evidence work. Tasks include:

  • utility exercises
  • a history mystery.


Get those dates, decades and centuries all in order with:

  • an interactive Magnet task
  • a whole-class giant card sort.

Literacy in history

Set up for the year with these useful, literacy boosting tools, including:

  • literacy mats
  • etymology posters.

Reference resources

Get these printed and stuck into books:

  • target sheets
  • connectives placemat.

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