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It's never too early to get cracking with revision, so even if your students don't have exams looming, you'll find a host of fantastic ideas to help students actually enjoy recalling their learning.


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Contributor tips

This term’s contributor tip comes from Shirley Bierman.

Here’s Shirley's top tip for revision:

'Split class into groups of four and stick a Post-it note onto each student with the name of one character from any set text. Students then need to write five key quotes about this character on Post-it notes, which they stick on to a blank person template (or use Teachit's Role on the wall). Next, students should add five additional points about that character's personality and profile. Keep on doing this until all 'characters' in the group have had their turn.'


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Resource templates

A lovely collection of time-saving templates, easily adapted to revision. Masks, thinking hats, storyboards and more …

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Dynamic, fun, or just plain silly ideas to kick start any revision lesson.

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A selection of websites which are brilliant for bringing on even the most reluctant revisers …

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Our handy planners, exam schedules and templates will save you valuable time, just when it's needed.

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