Teacher wellbeing and self-care

Resources to support teachers' mental health

Why is teacher wellbeing important?

The mental health of our teachers and support staff is fundamental to education recovery and the futures of our young people, and yet, sadly, education staff are experiencing alarming levels of anxiety, depression and burnout. (Read more from the Chartered College of Teaching, Education Support and the Teacher Wellbeing Index.)

How can we support teachers in improving their wellbeing?

We've launched a collection of wellbeing resources to support emotional wellbeing and physical health, aiming to support staff to develop and maintain good mental health. The collection includes a Teachers’ wellbeing guide that features advice on wellbeing in the workplace, and tips on introducing simple self-care practices in our personal lives, and a Teachers’ wellbeing journal to support mindfulness. It also includes a time and task management toolkit to promote a healthy work-life balance.

We do not pretend that our wellbeing resources are the solution to teacher mental health issues or the retention crisis. However, if we can give teachers and school staff tools to encourage them to focus on their own wellbeing and help promote job satisfaction we will gladly do so. Teacher wellbeing and positive mental health is paramount to the development of mentally healthy schools. After all, we cannot look after others if we are not feeling well ourselves.


Downloadable wellbeing guides and posters

Teachers' wellbeing guide

Tips and templates to support self-care practice at work and at home. Includes advice on exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Teachers' time and task management guide

20 time, task and change management strategies for teachers to try, as well as workload tips and advice for new teachers.

Teachers' wellbeing journal

Checklists, mood trackers and mindfulness activities to help you to monitor your wellbeing, and to set and achieve self-care goals.

Top 20 wellness quotes for teachers

Posters of motivational quotes by inspirational thinkers. Display them on your wall or simply read them to boost your mood.

Teacher wellbeing articles, webinars and teaching packs

CPD articles

A collection of articles on staff and student wellbeing. The collection includes articles on kindness, gratitude, emotional wellbeing and advice on how to spot signs of anxiety and depression.

Webinar for senior leaders

Andrew Cowley's 30-minute video and PowerPoint looks at the pressures on senior leaders and the positive impact of developing a culture of wellbeing.

Teachers' toolkit (secondary)

Tips and templates to support secondary teachers across all subjects, including advice on time management and wellbeing for teachers.

Teachers' toolkit (primary)

Tips and templates to support primary teachers across all subjects, including advice on time management and wellbeing for teachers.

More downloadable resources for teacher self-care

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