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Our vision

To inspire teaching and help develop a love of learning.

What drives us?

We know how hard teaching can be – we’ve been there. That’s why we publish resources from practising teachers. Resources that will save other teachers time and stop them from having to reinvent the wheel. In a world of constant challenge and demand, of highs and of lows, we’re there to help teachers get the most out of teaching.

Our story

Take a look at some of our defining moments in the last twenty years.

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Meet the team

Jo Barwell

Primary teacher and Senior Content Lead

Lucy Castle

Teaching Assistant and Advertising Account Executive

Lucy Hewitt

English teacher and Head of Content

Kate Lee

English teacher and Senior Content Lead

Sheena Newland

MFL teacher and Senior Content Lead

Liza Austin

Business Development Manager

Ann Bazley

Subscriptions and Finance Manager

Maddie Butt

Advertising Account Manager

Jonny Davis

Website Developer

Marysia Hawkins

Digital Product Manager

Jordan Mcleod

Middleweight Website Developer

Megan Pitman

Customer Support Administrator

Donna Symonds

Marketing Manager

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Email: support@teachit.co.uk
Phone: 01225 788850

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